Wisconsin Deer Hunter Rescued After Kayak Capsizes in Frigid River

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Pavlo Sukharchuk)

A Wisconsin deer hunter faced dangerous conditions and potentially deadly hypothermia as his kayak capsized in an icy river. The 27-year-old deer hunter was rushed to the hospital after being rescued where his injuries are being treated.

The Wisconsin Deer Hunter Was Rescued After Spending Hours Capsized In The Icy Waters

According to Wisconsin authorities and the first responders answering the call for help, the hunter was rescued from the Fond du Lac River late last week. The 27-year-old Waupaca man was rushed to the hospital after rescue. here, he is being treated for injuries as well as hypothermia. The man was caught in the icy waters for hours before being rescued.

The Lamartine Wisconsin firefighters responded to the call with an inflatable rescue sled. The rescuers pulled the deer hunter from the river in the area that sits along the Mascoutin Valley State Park Trail. The man’s current condition remains unknown. However, he was conscious enough to provide rescuers with details of the event.

The Hunter Capsized After Attempting To Paddle The Kayak Over A Large Patch Of Ice

According to the reports, the deer hunter was attempting to paddle upstream along the Fond du Lac River Saturday. As he was moving along the river, the man moved over a large patch of ice. The ice gave way, however, capsizing the kayak and the hunter within.

The reports note that the man was able to adjust himself upright in the frigid waters. He then began walking toward a trail bridge located about 100 yards away from where the kayak capsized. However, the deer hunter soon realized he was having a difficult time moving through the icy waters. The currents remained knee-deep to waist-deep along the way. Realizing he was in trouble, the kayaker called 911.

The Fond du Lac County officials took the emergency call from the deer hunter as he continued to make his way toward dry land. The officials made sure to remain in contact with the kayaker as they rushed to the scene. Once the first responders arrived they searched for the hunter who was still wading in the waist-deep water fending off the winter chill.

The Fond du Lac County Wisconsin officials attempted first to utilize an inflatable motor boat designed for water rescues such as this one. However, the water was too shallow for the vessel. The first responders then moved through the icy waters to rescue the man.