Wisconsin Girl Severely Injured by Falling Hay Bale in Scary Farm Accident

by Megan Molseed

Last month, one nine-year-old Wisconsin girl faced devastating injuries after falling hay bales left her pinned on an area farm.

When Savannah Grahl, her sister, and a young friend were headed into the barn on the Eden, Wisconsin farm, they had hoped to find and pet some brand-new kittens. However, soon Savannah would be fighting for her life when a pallet holding hay bales weighing up to 1,000 pounds collapsed, pinning the nine-year-old against a steel post.

A Wisconsin Farm Accident Sends Nine-Year-Old Savannah To The Hospital

Savannah and her sister know well that a barn is not a safe place to play. However, the promise of new kittens to play with was far too tempting for the Wisconsin girls. As they snuck into the building, the trio had no idea how their lives would soon be changed.

“I heard my older daughter screaming,” Savannah’s mother Tara says as she recalled the day of the tragic accident.

“She said, ‘Savannah’s pinned,’” the mother relates. Tara remembers running to the barn where she saw young Savannah pinned against a steel post. Tara remembers how the two hay bales had fallen on her young daughter after the pallet holding them up had unexpectedly collapsed.

Savannah, Tara recalls was unconscious and not breathing. Tara remembers finding her daughter as her face turned purple as she lay crushed under the weight of the hay.

A Mother’s Adrenaline-Filled Strength Pulls Little Savannah Free Of Crushing Hay Bales

Tara remembers how she and her sister-in-law ran to her daughter, shoving the massive bails off of her daughter. She was able to move the bails just enough to roll her out from under the crushing weight. They were able to get the girl breathing once again and on her way to the hospital. Savannah was admitted to the ICU upon being admitted to the hospital.

The young girl was placed on a ventilator when she first arrived at the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The crushing weight of the hay bales caused injuries that lead to dangerous swelling in Savannah’s airways.

According to reports from the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety, a child dies, on average, every three days in a farming-related accident. However, Savannah is thankfully not one of those involved in the frightening statistics as she continues to recover from her farm accident injuries.

She is still battling several bruises and abrasions. As well as a fractured occipital bone from her harrowing ordeal.