Woman Believes She’s Solved the Age-Old Myth of the Loch Ness Monster

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Keystone / Stringer)

The first ever recorded sighting of the mysterious Loch Ness Monster was mentioned in the book Life of St. Columba back in the year 565. Since then, however, there have been many, many reports of people visiting the area spotting what they claim to be the elusive “Nessie.”

During this time there have also been an untold number of attempts to explain this long-standing mystery. Some of these attempts include explanations as to what the Loch Ness Monster may be. A giant eel? A previously-believed-to-be-extinct sea turtle? A descendant of a long-necked water dinosaur? Other attempts to explain this curious mystery include explaining away grainy images and video footage claiming to have captured the “lake monster” as nothing less than elaborate hoaxes.

Now, one woman says that she believes she has “officially” solved the centuries-long mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. A move that comes after she took a very close look at one of the most famous “photographs” of Nessie.

Monster Or Shadow Puppet? One Woman Thinks She’s Solved The Mystery Of The Loch Ness Monster

While watching a documentary on Scotland’s elusive lake monster, one woman took a closer look at one of the most well-known grainy pics believed to have captured the Lock Ness Monster. The grainy black and white pic shows a curious dark figure looming above the rippled water of Loch Ness. Many believe this image to be a picture of Nessie’s elongated neck and snout. However, one woman saw it and instantly realized it was something much simpler. It was a shadow puppet just like the ones her father used to make, the viewer claims.

“The Loch Ness Monster has been around for years,” Sue Keogh says.

“And when I was watching the show I just knew what it was instantly,” she continues “It was obvious, when I was lying in bed I solved the problem – it’s not that big of a mystery.”

Sue adds that once this image idea clicks, it’s something one cannot unsee. It’s like when you’re a kid and your parents put their hands together to make a bird or a dog on the wall or whatever,” she explains.

“Like a shadow puppet,” Keogh adds. “It’s similar to that.”

Does This 1988 Deepscan Give Us Undeniable Proof?

Pretty much since the first recorded sighting of this mysterious creature in the Scotland lake, there have been conflicting beliefs surrounding the origin of the elusive creature. Some are certain it’s all a tall tale. Others believe there’s something to it all and something big – and curious – lives deep in those waters.

One of the most famous events surrounding the mystery came in 1988 with Operation Deepscan. Here, 24 boats were equipped with echo-sounding equipment in an attempt to locate the sea monster. Some of the readings recorded a “large unidentified object of unusual size and strength.”

However, none of these explorers were able to identify exactly what this unidentified object was. And, Nessie continues to capture the attention – and imaginations – of people from all over the world.