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Woman Catches 57-Pound Trout With Bare Hands

by Brett Stayton
Sam Boucha With Trout
Photo courtesy of Sam Boucha

Nothing more romantic than a couple that does a little fishing together. A Canadian woman named Sam Boucha was recently ice fishing with her boyfriend Brad Molloy when they caught an absolutely monstrous trout. They were on the infamous Red Lake in Ontario. The fish weighed 57 pounds and measured just over 47 inches. It also had a big robust girth of 31 inches. The story was first shared by BaitShop.com.

The dating duo of anglers battled the fish for about an hour. However, when they pulled it to the surface they discovered it was too big to fit through the hole they had drilled in the ice. Just then, the fish spit the hook. Before it could get away though. Boucha stuck her arm in the frigid waters and grabbed the fish. As she held onto the fish, Molloy was able to widen the hole enough to pull the fish out.

“I’ve caught a 35 lb trout before and this was something similar, so we’re pretty excited,” she told CBC.” We ended up reeling in a 47 and three-quarter inch, 31-inch girth, 57 plus pound trout – like it was unreal.”

Boucha was super cold afterward, but she was able to warm up in a nearby ice fishing shack. She also proudly took the fish home to mount it. She also sent the pectoral fin and ocular bone to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to find out its age. She also received a big digital round of applause on her social media posts of the fish. The Canadian record for Lake Trout is 72 pounds, so a 57-pounder is still really damn big. It’s also estimated that a 50-pound Lake Trout is roughly 40 years old.

Idaho Mom Breaks State Record With Monster Trout

Speaking of ladies catching gigantic trout, late last year an Idaho mother broke the Idaho state record with a gigantic hybrid trout.

According to the Idaho Official Government website, Hailey Thomas of Rigby landed a new catch-and-release state record when she hooked a 36-inch long monster rainbow/cutthroat hybrid trout. She had gone to the lake with her husband and two children for the fishing trip on October 4th. “Congratulations to Hailey Thomas of Rigby on landing a new catch-and-release state record from Henrys Lake. Hailey hooked the 36-inch long monster rainbow/cutthroat hybrid on Oct. 4 while fishing with her family on the renowned east Idaho lake.”

“Hailey did a phenomenal job fighting the fish,” the new Idaho record keeper’s husband declared. “And keeping it out of the abundant weeds, notorious for knocking large trout off the line. After a stressful minute or so, I reached out and scooped up the fish. The net I usually use for chasing carp looked so small, as the first barely fit in!” 

Hailey’s husband is also the previous Idaho record holder. He stated, “That’s the biggest trout I’ve seen in my life!” It was noted that at 36 inches long, with a 21-inch girth, the fish might have weighed anywhere from 17-20 pounds.