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Woman Dies After Falling Overboard on Cruise Ship Traveling to Florida

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The U.S. Coast Guard was called out on a rescue mission Thursday morning after receiving reports that a woman had fallen overboard on a cruise ship. Sadly, the woman died, and the Coast Guard recovered her body a short time later.

TMZ reports that a representative for the U.S. Coast Guard said they were alerted that a 36-year-old woman had gone overboard on the MSC Meraviglia early Thursday morning. The ship, which had been traveling from the Bahamas to Florida, had been about 18 miles off the coast of Port Canaveral when Coast Cuard crew members originally received the call.

In an attempt to rescue the woman, the Coast Guard deployed both a helicopter and a search boat. While the rescue was enacted relatively quickly, the woman died due to injuries sustained from the fall.

Reportedly, a cruise ship staff member said the woman had actually jumped though that information has not been confirmed. A representative for the cruise line offered a heartfelt statement following the woman’s death.

“Unfortunately, despite the rapid rescue mission, the passenger sustained fatal injuries. We are offering our full support to authorities as they investigate this matter. We are deeply saddened by this incident and offer our sincerest condolences to the family and those affected.”

Man Survives 18 Hours in Frigid Gulf of Mexico After Falling From Cruise Ship

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, a different cruise ship passenger fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico. However, despite jellyfish stings, frigid waters, and a possible shark encounter, the man survived 18 hours at sea. He was finally rescued in another Coast Guard rescue mission.

James Michael Grimes of Valley, Alabama had planned on enjoying a cruise with 17 other family members over Thanksgiving. Together, they’d been destined for Cozumel, Mexico. However, Grimes, reflecting on the night he fell overboard the cruise ship said it’s likely his fall could have been the result of too many drinks.

“That first night after the ship left New Orleans, I had some beers and wine, and then I won a free drink in an air-guitar competition,” the construction worker recalled. Now recovered, Grimes says he doesn’t even remember falling off the ship. In fact, he doesn’t remember anything else from the short-lived cruise.

In fact, the first thing he remembers is waking up in the water. He reflected, “The boat was out of sight. I thought, ‘Wow, this is for real. I’m out here in the sea.'”

While stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, Grimes shared that what gave him the motivation to keep going and strive to reach passing ships was the thought of his daughter. Finally, he caught the attention of a passenger onboard another ship which prompted a rescue mission. Grimes spent five days in the hospital after his ordeal, however, now, he can look forward to spending the rest of the holiday season with his family.