Woman Dies in Fall From Maine Cliff After Fence Breaks

by Amy Myers

In another tragic incident, a woman visiting Scarborough, Maine on vacation took a huge fall from a cliff when the fence she was leaning on broke. Sadly, the woman did not survive the injuries she sustained and later died from the accident.

On Monday, September 19, Georgia native Romona Gowens was with her sister in the coastal Maine town. At the time, Gowens was just one day away from her 55th birthday. The two found themselves on top of one of the Prout’s Neck cliff walk at approximately 10:24 a.m. Gowens had gone off-trail and leaned against a wooden fence that gave way and sent her 30 feet over the edge.

Unable to call for help, Gowens’ sister and a local fisherman both dialed 911. After emergency personnel arrived, they determined that the woman had suffered “critical injuries” and was in need of immediate extraction and medical attention.

“A lengthy extrication process of the patient was completed and she was transported to Maine Medical Center,” Scarborough police stated in a news release. They later revealed that Gowens died in the hospital.

Following the incident, residents told WGME that she was staying at the nearby Black Point Inn just before her fall.

“It’s kind of gut sinking,” Anna Strout, a resident of Cape Elizabeth, said. “I’m shocked actually to hear that somebody fell to their death.”

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, that’s absolutely tragic,” Scarborough resident Patrick Conley told WGME. “However, I do take this walk almost daily and never have I ever felt fearful or like it’s dangerous at all.”

Climber Falls 200 Feet off Seaside Cliff to His Death

Unfortunately, Gowens’ fall isn’t the only cliff-centered accident to happen within the past week. In a separate incident, an experienced climber exploring Dorset in the UK suffered a much more drastic 200-foot fall from a seaside cliff.

As of now, it’s unclear what contributed to this climber’s fall. Once medical teams received word of the accident, they rushed an air ambulance to the scene. Sadly, though, just eight minutes after the cliff fall, it was clear that he was dead on arrival.

According to a spokesperson for Swanage RNLI , “There were three climbers in total, one made their way to the bottom to help the casualty, and another was at the top and called for help.”

“I believe it was a tragic accident, possibly to do with a problem clipping on. I don’t know how far up the cliff he was, but I believe he fell from quite high to the water’s edge at the bottom,” he continued. “We checked over the other climber at the bottom, but he had not fallen and was fine. Our thoughts are with the casualty’s family and friends at this time.”