Woman Experiences Living Nightmare as She Finds 18 Scorpions in Her Suitcase After Vacation

by Emily Morgan

Talk about having a lot to unpack. An Austrian woman was feeling refreshed and relaxed after vacationing in Croatia. However, that was short-lived after she took a peek at her suitcase and found a family of scorpions.

Once she opened up her suitcase, she realized she was in a living nightmare. Inside, 18 scorpions were taking up residence in her bag.

Horrified, the woman from Natternbach, Austria, notified local animal control. According to an animal control staffer, once they arrived, they took the scorpions and planned to return them to Croatia.

The stingers “could probably multiply well” in Austria, “but they don’t belong here,” the staffer said about the arachnid. In addition, rescues of Croatian scorpions are not uncommon in Upper Austria.

“This afternoon we were contacted by a lady from Natternbach because stowaways have nested in the luggage of their Croatia trip,” the animal rescue service said in an official statement.

They added: “More precisely, a scorpion with babies. The animals were secured and handed over to us. They are currently in the Linz animal shelter until they start their return journey.”

Austrian media outlets reported that it is the third case of Croatian scorpions finding their way to Upper Austria. Additionally, she had already been back home for nearly a month when she found the skin-crawling creatures.

Similarly, in September of 2021, homeowners found a scorpion in their Upper Austrian home before animal rescue took it to a shelter.

Scorpions have a segmented, curved tail with a tipped, venomous stinger at the rear of the body. They also have a pair of grasping pincers at the front.

Scorpion sightings spike after heavy rainfall

Although they live in many environments, people often find them in deserts. In Croatia, the insect is primarily found on the Adriatic Coast. Additionally, they are much rarer in the country’s inter-continental regions.

There are only a few kinds of scorpions found in Croatia. In addition, they aren’t life-threatening to humans. Although they’re venomous, their poison isn’t strong enough to kill a human being.

However, their stings can cause pain, swelling, itching, redness, and a burning sensation.

Croatia has five species of scorpion, but only two are familiar to the country: the Euscorpius italicus and the E. Germanus. Neither of these species is harmful to people.

While you might think scorpions thrive in dry, desert climates, these critters also appear after heavy rain and thunderstorms.

According to experts, once a monsoon hits, they seek shelter in houses, whether they like it or not. They can enter via a small hole or crack and can remain hidden for months.

Recently in Arizona, health officials said they’d received a spike in calls from people reporting scorpion stings. Reportedly, they’re averaging more than 1,000 calls in two major countries in the state.