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Woman Falls From Deer Stand, Airlifted to Trauma Center

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Imgorthand

A South Carolina woman is in the hospital after taking a scary fall from a deer stand. Per reports, she fell over 15 feet while she was hunting recently. At around 6:00 p.m., rescue crews with the local fire department found the woman lying on the ground. She was nearly a quarter mile into the woods in Walterboro, South Carolina.

Once the crews found her, they immediately treated her for her injuries before carrying her out of the woods and placing her in an ambulance. After riding in the ambulance, she was airlifted via helicopter to the Medical University of South Carolina’s trauma center. Once doctors examined her, they determined she suffered multiple traumatic injuries.

However, she wasn’t the only party involved who was injured that day. Fire rescue officials said another woman was injured after flipping a UTV while en route to the first woman. However, she suffered minimal injuries, and crews took her to Colleton Medical Center.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources is investigating the incident.

Louisiana officials recently rescued a woman after she spent the night in a deer stand. Crews discovered that 66-year-old Paula Chavers was found safe after going missing on Saturday, November 26, at around 10 a.m.

Per reports from authorities, Chavers got disoriented and found herself lost in the woods. As a result, she decided to take shelter overnight in a deer stand. Then, the following day, she trekked to a neighbor’s home to get help.

Multiple Louisiana agencies take part in recent rescue

Local Sheriff’s Offices, members of the Cajun Navy, and many volunteers were all involved in the search for the woman. After locating her, the Cajun Navy took to Facebook to describe the incident.

“Mrs. Paula Chavers has been found safe and sound,” the post began, adding that Chavers “Got turned around in the woods during the storm yesterday and slept in Stand #6 in Mullin swamp Hunting Club.”

They continue: “Thank you so much for all of the prayers. It is greatly appreciated. The people that showed up this morning was unbelievable. You all are awesome. We love a happy ending.”

How to prevent injuries from tree stands

According to experts, tree stands are the first cause of hunting accidents. However, these injuries are entirely preventable. Hunters are likely to sustain injuries when climbing up or down the stand and installing and removing a stand.

According to Redmond Hunting, there are six steps you should take if you want to make sure your hunt is injury-free. First, they say to inspect all your gear and ensure it’s working correctly. Then, examine your lifeline and that you’re clipped in before you climb, as many falls occur while going up and down stands.

They also urge hunters to wear a harness and remember the three-points of contact rule, meaning having two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet on your ladder at all times. Finally, they hone in on planning before heading out for your hunt— preparation is critical.