Woman Loses Wedding Band Before Hurricane Ian, Finds It After Storm

by Megan Molseed
(Photo via Getty Images / Xinhua News Agency / Contributor)

When Hurricane Ian crashed onto the Florida coast recently one woman was certain her wedding ring was long gone. Shortly before Ian ravaged the southwest coast of the Sunshine State, Ashley Garner misplaced her wedding ring outside her Florida home.

As the impending category four storm was making its way toward their home Garner, her husband and the couple’s three young children searched tirelessly for the meaningful piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, these efforts yielded no positive results before Hurricane Ian hit the Florida coast.

“I just accepted that it was gone,” Ashley Garner said of her wedding ring.

“It was only a thing,” she recalls telling herself. “It’s replaceable, and I just let it go.”

This was something that Ashley knew was necessary, considering the force the family was about to face as Ian was fast approaching. “We knew the hurricane was coming,” Garner explains. “So we just kind of said goodbye.”

Hurricane Ian Pummels Parts Of Florida, But Garner’s Wedding Ring Miraculously Reappeared

As Hurricane Ian made landfall last week, the Garners remained in their home. Then, after the storm passed they set out to clean up the destruction Ian left in its wake. However, spirits would soon be lifted, despite the tragedy the storm brought to land as the couple would uncover something very special … Ashley’s missing wedding ring.

“We’re about 10 minutes into cleaning, and my husband is cleaning up the brush and the trees right next to the garage door,” Garner recalls.

“There’s a pile of brush and trees,” the Florida woman continues. “He moves over one pile, and the ring was right there.”

Garner says she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. While the Garners’ neighborhood didn’t experience the devastating flooding parts of the state experienced, the family still witnessed the destructive 120 mph winds Hurricane Ian brought forth. Leaving massive piles of trees and brush throughout the area. Winds that could have very easily swept up the missing wedding ring, taking it far away from the Garner’s property.

“I just sat on the curb,” Garner says. “I prayed to God and thanked him for providing and giving us a sign that there’s hope for the community.”

Garner posted about the experience on her Facebook page earlier this week, describing the very unlikely scenario.

“Speechless,” the Florida woman writes in her Monday Facebook post.

“God will provide,” she continues in her inspiring message. “If this isn’t a sign I don’t know what is.”

Garner continues her story by describing how she had lost her ring and searched with her family for days before Hurricane Ian made landfall.

“Ian was coming [and] I just accepted it was gone,” Garner recounts. “[And] I would never get it back after the 120mph winds.” Then, the Florida mom shares photos of her recovered ring, sharing that the ring was found “literally in a pile of brush when we opened the garage to start clean up.” A situation, Garner recalls that gave the family hope with “so much devastation” surrounding them.