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Woman Makes Terrifying Discovery in Christmas Tree of Eyes Staring Back at Her

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Tevarak via Getty Images)

From the menu to the gifts to the decorations, those who celebrate Christmas face an enormous number of decisions every winter. For many, it’s not just a holiday, it’s the holiday, making even the smallest choice feel monumental. And one of the toughest decisions of all? Picking the perfect Christmas tree.

The centerpiece of the Christmas decor, a Christmas tree must be the right height, width, and fullness. And though a Charlie Brown tree is always an option (and often was the tree chosen in my childhood home), an evergreen with any noticeable flaws doesn’t create the holiday showpiece many prefer.

Because of that, a staggering 85 percent of trees on display across the country are artificial. While purchasing an artificial Christmas tree deprives you of that magical smell and the pleasure of supporting a local small business, it does come with many perks.

In addition to lasting an average of 10 years, artificial trees provide a flawless appearance. They also come without the threat of aphids and other creepy crawlies known to lurk among the branches of the real deal. Well, they usually do, anyway.


# Help!!!!!!

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

Yep, you’re not imagining things (and neither was Gina). That’s a tiny grey mouse hiding in those delicately flocked branches.

TikTok Users Respond to Christmas Tree Mouse

Captioned simply “Help!!!!!!,” TikTok user Gina posted the horrifying (or hilarious, depending on your outlook) video just last week and it’s already garnered close to 3 million views.

In the clip, the terrified mom wields a broom handle, using it to gingerly pull back a layer of Christmas tree branches to reveal the equally terrified rodent within. The video has received thousands of comments thus far, with fellow users’ reactions ranging from amusement to absolute panic.

“So cute, he wants to be a decoration!” one user wrote. “Why can’t things like this happen to me?” another lamented.

“I would have destroyed the whole tree in a panic,” a third wrote in vehement disagreement with those cooing at the miniature menace. “I simply would have set the whole tree on fire,” another agreed.

Always Shake Your Trees (or Keep Cats, Just in Case)

It’s not a thought on which any homeowner likes to dwell. But the fact is that popular storage spaces (i.e., attics, basements, and garages) are havens for all manner of critters. That, of course, includes mice, but also spiders, roaches, and mites.

As such, even those who re-use the same artificial Christmas tree every year should shake it before bringing it out of storage. There’s a reason that most farms will load your chosen tree into a shaker before sending it home with you, after all.

But, should you forget to give your tree a good jiggle before bringing it up or downstairs, you could always keep cats as a backup. That’s what Gina did, anyway. In a follow-up video, the woman showed her cats chasing the mouse through the living room. Eventually, however, the mouse escaped outside rather than becoming a meal for the ferocious felines.

“No mouse was harmed in the making of this video,” she wrote. “He’s safely outside now along with my Christmas tree.”