Woman Plummets to Her Death After Falling 100 Feet at Popular Oregon Waterfall

by Emily Morgan

A woman has died after she plunged to her death while hiking with friends at a popular waterfall in Oregon. According to authorities, the tragic incident occurred on Friday when she fell 100 feet on the Multnomah Falls-Larch Mountain Trail, about 30miles East of Portland, Oregon.

Per officials, first responders arrived on the scene just before 1:30 pm. Four firefighters then trekked roughly 1.3 miles to locate the hiker at the base of the waterfall.

Multnomah County Sherriff’s Office later told news outlets that the woman was hiking with a group of her friends when the fall occurred near Wisendanger Falls, located past the top of Multnomah waterfall.

As of this writing, the victim’s name has not yet been released pending next-of-kin notification. In addition, it’s unclear what exactly led to her fall, according to authorities.

Fire officials said first responders found fellow hikers performing CPR on the woman. Sadly, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Stephanie Weinstein, a hiker in the area visiting from Canada, told reporters that she was devastated to learn the news. She was just about to begin the hike when paramedics arrived.

“It hit us hard to know that happened here, because people who hike, enjoy hiking,” she said. “Especially my teenage son really likes to go to the edge of trails, horrible things could happen. I’m sending all my prayers, and my thoughts to them.”

Nearby woman offers warning to fellow hikers after woman falls at Oregon waterfall

Weinstein also offered a warning to hikers, reminding the public about being properly prepared when hitting the trails.

She said it was essential to ensure you have adequate hiking shoes and plenty of food and water. But, most importantly, she said to study the trail map before you head out.

Before the incident, she planned to hike Wisendanger Falls with her family, but that plan was canceled “out of respect for that person and the place, so we’ll find another trail,” she told Fox.

Multnomah Falls is a popular Pacific Northwest hike for many visitors. The falls are fed by underground springs from Larch Mountain, and the flow over the falls provides people with a fantastic view as the water plunges 620 feet in two sections, according to Recreation.gov.

The Sheriff’s office told news outlets that while the Oregon gorge is a scenic destination, “due to its steep, rocky terrain, hikers are urged to be cautious and remain vigilant when visiting the area.”

In a similar incident, in St. Charles County, Missouri, a teenage hiker fell to his death while hiking in Klondike Park. According to authorities, the 17-year-old was walking around a restricted area when he lost his footing and fell.

Shortly after the fall, first responders received notice of a fallen hiker at around 12:30 pm. Ambulance District member Kyle Gaines stated they had used a high-angle rescue team to try and recover the young man. They managed to locate the 17-year-old reasonably quickly, but sadly he was found dead moments later.