Woman Plunges Over Waterfall After Attempting to Retrieve Phone, Somehow Survives

by Emily Morgan

Let this be a lesson to you next time you pull out your phone to take a snap of a nearby waterfall. Recently, a woman barely survived after falling nearly 70 feet over a waterfall in Kentucky. Yet, moments before she fell, she attempted to retrieve her cell phone.

According to Whitley County Emergency Management, on Wednesday, the 36-year-old woman took photos at Kentucky’s Cumberland Falls State Park. However, she dropped her phone in the river, and when she tried to retrieve the phone, she was swept away by the current.

“We all want to get really close to something so beautiful, but I can see how easy it would be to misjudge how close you are to something like that,” said witness Tonya Scherf.

Immediately after she fell, witnesses called emergency dispatchers and told them a woman had gone over the waterfall and landed downstream.

Woman likely wouldn’t have survived if she couldn’t swim

When first responders arrived on the scene, they found the woman at the bottom of the waterfall. Thankfully, she could swim ashore, and they helped get her out of the water.

Later, EMS officials examined her, and somehow they determined that she only suffered minor injuries after the harrowing fall.

Located in the state’s southeastern part, Cumberland Falls is 68 feet high by 125 feet wide. The base of the falls goes down up to 400 feet.

According to Anthony Christie, the Whitley County Emergency Management director, if the woman couldn’t swim, it could’ve cost her her life. “If she didn’t know how to swim, it probably would have been a different outcome,” Christie said after the incident.

Officials also said the woman went over the security gate to get a glimpse of the falls. Now, they are using her fall as a cautionary tale for visitors and are reminding them to stay safe behind the barricade. In addition, visitors who disobey the rules have the potential to be fined. However, officials did not say if they would fine the woman who went over the falls.

Man falls 30 feet at Utah waterfall, wearing flip flops likely a contributing factor

Recently in Utah, a 24-year-old man hiking in flip-flops fell 30 feet down a Utah waterfall less than half an hour into his hike. The man was hiking up Bridal Veil Falls in the Provo Canyon on Thursday.

“Had he slid a few more feet he would have fallen over 100′ more straight down,” the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter, adding that if he fell a few more feet, he could’ve easily died.

Rescue crews later located the man and treated him for his injuries. The man was hoisted out of the area and taken to a local hospital.

“We are relieved he wasn’t injured worse or possibly killed,” the fire department said. “Wear appropriate shoes, clothing, gear, etc on ANY hikes you take!!”