Woman Rescued by Good Samaritans After Her Vehicle Falls Off Dock at Newport Beach

by Amy Myers

A day in the water turned into a rescue mission for several Newport Beach visitors who jumped into action when a car fell off of a nearby dock and into the ocean.

From the footage of the incident, it appears that the woman drove her car onto the dock and then onto a wooden bridge before she and her vehicle ended up nose-first in the ocean. All the while, she took some of the wood planks with her. Naturally, a few good folks dove into the water, rushing to help the driver inside. At first, they busted open a few windows, hoping to pull the woman out of the knee-deep water. Eventually, they decided to pull her out through the trunk, a source told TMZ.

The current condition of the driver is unknown, however, it appears that she was at least conscious when several helping hands pulled her to shore. As for her car, though, it’s likely on life support.

Newport Beach police are currently investigating the incident, particularly looking into whether alcohol played a factor in the accident. Thanks to a nearby camera from the Orange County beachside community, we’re able to see the aftermath of the disaster.

Check out the clip from TMZ.

Florida Driver Has Much More Traumatic Experience Than Newport Beach Woman

In a different sunny state, another driver suffered an even more terrifying accident when they crashed into a Daytona Beach toll booth at the International Speedway Boulevard back in July. According to Volusia County Beach Safety officers, the driver was having some sort of medical episode when they lost control of the vehicle, heading straight through the toll booth and into the beach.

Witnesses had apparently heard the incident, remembering the moment when the car tore apart the toll booth and continued towards them on the sand.

“We heard a loud crash and when we turned around it was the car coming down the ramp at 40 miles an hour, and it obliterated the tollbooth and it still came barreling all the way through and people were dodging to get out of the way,” witnesses Nicole Mathis and her son told WESH.

“When it was about to hit the water, about 15 people jumped out. They were in the water, jumped out of the way and I mean, the vehicle just hit the water hard,” fellow witness Jack Lofland said.

Unfortunately, there was one child left in the water who didn’t get out of the way in time. The car struck the kid as it continued into the surf where it finally came to a stop.

Emergency crews took all individuals involved, both in and out of the car, to the hospital for treatment.

According to the two young girls in the backseat, the driver, their stepfather, had a seizure before the crash.