Wyoming Elk Hunters Left With Severe Injuries After Brutal Unprovoked Assault

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

According to Wyoming’s Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, two hunters assaulted two other hunters in the Shale Creek area of Greys River on October 15th. The incident occurred in the afternoon that day about 60 miles north of the town of Kemmerer.

The two suspects were traveling in a Ford F150 with Colorado license plates.

A report from OutThereColorado says the assailants were drunk. Reportedly, they also accused the victims of stealing an elk carcass that the suspects had supposedly killed earlier that day. During the incident, the victims did not have an elk carcass with them.

One of the men that was assaulted was later brought to a hospital for treatment. Two days after the incident, he still remains there. One victim had several fractures on his jaw. He suffered other injuries and will likely need surgery.

The suspects were described as white males, both approximately 5′ 9″ with dark hair. One suspect has straight hair and the other one has wavy hair. One suspect was estimated to be in his late-20s to early-30s. The other was believed to be in his late-30s. The younger suspect had a possible scope injury on his nose and eyebrow.

While two suspects were described, additional people may have been involved in the situation or at the scene. A 2000s matte black Toyota Tacoma and a 2000s white GMC (with fender flares darker than the vehicle) were described in the press release. However, their relation to the incident remains unclear at the time.

Anyone with information related to the case should contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 307-885-5231.

Court Case of Woman Who Used Bear Spray on Vermont Hunters Moves Forward

The arraignment of Liza Nanni, the woman who allegedly attacked three Vermont hunters with bear spray back in July, occurred on September 26.

According to court records, Liza Nanni was arraigned that morning in Caledonia County. Nanni was charged with three counts of assault.

Ellsworth “Butch” Spear, one of the hunters involved the incident, attended Nanni’s arraignment.

He wanted the judge to also charge the woman with multiple counts of hunter harassment.

He says he hoped the judge would also charge the woman with multiple counts of hunter harassment. However, she still could be charged with those counts. Those charges could potentially be added on by the state’s attorney at any point during the court proceedings.

“Whenever they have anything going on with this case, I will be there,” Spear tells Outdoor Life. “It was because of me that this was done—because I hunt. I will be there to defend the fact that it’s legal for us to hunt bears with hounds, and I will do it until the day I die.”

The woman allegedly attacked the three hunters by using bear spray on them back on July 10th. One of the hunters was the former president of the Vermont Bear Hound Association. That man, Ellsworth “Butch” Spear, brought two hunters with him at the time of the incident.

Local authorities then charged Liza Nanni, 61, with assault, disorderly conduct, and interfering with a hunter.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife reports that on July 10, Nanni allegedly blocked Red Brook Road in Groton State Forest when the group pulled up in their pickup truck. The hunting dogs sat in the truck. Nanni stopped them and then assaulted them with the bear spray.