Yellowstone National Park to Host Huge 150 Year Celebration Event: What to Know

by Jon D. B.

In a collaborative effort with Mountain Time Arts and numerous Tribal Nations, Yellowstone National Park is commemorating 150 Years in a big way. Here’s everything you need to know, straight from the park.

From August 17 to 28, 2022, Yellowstone will host Yellowstone Revealed, a 150-year anniversary event for the ages. During these dates, visitors to the park will learn about the historic and continued presence of American Indian Tribes in the Yellowstone region.

“Yellowstone National Park is honored to host Yellowstone Revealed,” the park offers in their media release to Outsider. This collaborative effort will premiere a series of public, place-based projects and artworks created by an inter-Tribal group of artists and scholars in locations throughout the park.

“We’re pleased to work with Mountain Time Arts on Yellowstone Revealed,” adds Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly. “This partnership continues our major Tribal engagement efforts and will allow thousands of visitors to directly engage with members of American Indian Tribes in Yellowstone.”

“I think there’s a real thirst for this kind of Indigenous knowledge right now. The more knowledge you have, the better-informed you are to make decisions about your beliefs and perhaps about what you want to learn,” echoes Francesca Pine-Rodriguez (Crow and Northern Cheyenne), Executive Director of Mountain Time Arts.

Yellowstone National Park’s ‘Yellowstone Revealed: The Details

  • When: August 17 to 28, 2022
  • Where: Roosevelt Arch, Gardiner, Montana (all dates)
    • Various locations throughout Yellowstone National Park (all dates)
    • Madison Junction, Yellowstone (Aug. 23-27)
    • Old Faithful, Yellowstone (Aug. 25)
  • Cost: Events are free and open to the public
  • Further details are available here

“Over the past year, the park has engaged a substantial number of employees, partners, and Tribes to generate ideas for commemorating 150 years of Yellowstone,” the park continues. “Significant Tribal engagement has occurred to focus on the importance of the Yellowstone area to its 27 associated Tribes.”

To celebrate, seven teepees will be illuminated at sunset near the Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana starting Aug. 17. Then, from Aug. 23-27, a series of interpretive hikes, demonstrations and storytelling at various locations in the park will take place to give park visitors insight into diverse Indigenous ways of knowing. However, a free reservation requirement to attend each hike is already full. But if you’re feeling lucky, interested parties can still sign up via a waitlist (see link above).

In addition, a teepee village representative of the park’s 27 associated Tribes will be at Madison Junction from Aug. 23-27. Artwork showcasing seven moving buffalo sculptures brought to life by 14 dancers and 10 drummers will also take place at sunset at Madison Junction on Aug. 24. The same display will come to life at Old Faithful on Aug. 25.

All Yellowstone Revealed events are free and open to the public.

The Park Sends Their Thanks Amid 150-Year Anniversary

“A sincere thank you to all the event partners, including Mountain Time Arts; the city of Gardiner, Montana; Yellowstone Forever; National Parks Conservation Association; Greater Yellowstone Coalition; Park County Environmental Council; Pretty Shield Foundation; and Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council,” the park offers ahead of their 150-year celebration.

For more on the event and to celebrate from afar, follow #Yellowstone150 on social media.

Happy 150th, Yellowstone National Park! To plan your visit to America’s first national park, be sure to see our Yellowstone National Park: Everything You Need to Plan Your Trip from Landmarks and Lodgings to Wildlife and Safety next.