Yellowstone National Park’s North Entrance and Road To Mammoth Hot Springs Reopen After Flooding

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Months after the devastating flooding that caused closures to multiple roads, Yellowstone National Park announced its north entrance and road to Mammoth Hot Springs officially opens on Sunday (October 30th). 

According to a press release, Yellowstone National Park’s North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana, and the road between the North Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs (Old Gardiner Road) is open to regular visitor traffic. Contractors completed the striping on Saturday (October 29th). 

Yellowstone National Park reminded the public of everyone’s responsibility to use the roads carefully in order to avoid accidents. Steep grades and sharp curves exist on the road and the speed limits range between 15-25 mph. “There are no length or weight restrictions on the road,” the park shared. “However, oversized vehicles and vehicles with trailers must use caution in curves to maintain lanes.”

Yellowstone went on to add that minor road construction work will continue with one-way traffic control and short delays in certain locations on the road.

The original date for the roads to be opened was November 1st. Superintendent Cam Sholly spoke about the progress that the contractors made. “We’re pleased to be reopening the North Entrance and reconnecting Yellowstone to Gardiner, Montana. We want to thank the outstanding support and work of the Federal Highway Administration and HK Contractors, INC for getting this road built in just four months.”

Yellowstone National Park further reported that access between Gardiner and Mammoth Hot Springs has been limited. This is due to the historic flood event in June. This resulted in significant damage to approximately five sections of the North Entrance Road. 

Meanwhile, Yellowstone National Park revealed that over the past four months, crews have been modernizing the historic Old Gardiner Road. 

Yellowstone National Park further pointed out among the traffic-safety improvements include turning the 1880’s single-lane dirt road into two lanes. The crews paved and stripped the entire world and installed more than 5,000 feet of guardrail for traffic safety. Crews expanded the road’s widths and created new pullouts. 

Yellowstone also reported, “Building a new ¼ -mile approach road into Mammoth Hot Springs to avoid a 12-15% steep grade on the original road. The new approach required additional engineering and design to provide a safe road base to handle the 2,000-3,000 vehicles per day that enter the park from the North Entrance.”

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) helped complete the project. It was funded largely by FHWA Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO). HK Contractors, INC is the primary construction company under contract to complete this project. 

Yellowstone National Park added that it annually closes roads at this time of year. This is to prepare them for the winter season and snowmobile and snow coach travel. Which will begin on December 15th.