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Young Girl Dies Minutes After Suffering Black Mamba Attack in Class

by Emily Morgan
Girl Dies Minutess Black Mamba Attack
Photo by: Petrus Bester

A young girl passed away after she suffered a lethal snake bite from a black mamba. According to reports, 17-year-old Melody Chiputura, who hailed from Zimbabwe, died within just half an hour after suffering snake the bite.

At the time, Chiputura was in a classroom at Rushinga High School in Mashonaland Central when the venomous snake attacked and bit her on her thigh, causing her to scream in pain.

After the horrifying attack, her teacher opened up about the incident. “The learners discovered the snake, and everyone panicked, with some jumping out through windows,” he said.

Immediately after, first responders rushed her to a nearby hospital, but she, unfortunately, died while on the way.

According to experts, black mambas are one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa. This is because they hold a lethal venom that can take someone’s life in less than 30 minutes.

Black mambas are one of the most venomous snakes in Africa. They possess a potent venom that can kill a person in just 30 minutes. In addition, the species is also one of the fastest snakes in the world and can slither up to 12.5 miles per hour.

According to snake experts, black mambas are typically shy and reclusive and would slither away from humans rather than attack them. Despite this, they will lunge and attack if they feel provoked. They can also be defensive if they sustain injuries or feel vulnerable.

Victim’s father speaks out following black mamba attack, says his daughter had ‘great potential’

Following the attack, school employees said they were confused about how the snake got inside the school since the building is located away from tall grasses.

According to deputy provincial education director Themba Mangwiro, a local villager spotted the deadly snake not long before the attack. Now, some believe that a villager attacked a snake before it got into the school.

“We suspect that since the learners were on the grounds doing sports, the snake entered the classroom because it was quiet,” Mangwiro said.

Chiputura’s fellow students also killed the snake after it lunged at her.

The victim’s father, Joseph Chiputura, learned his daughter had been bitten just ten minutes after it occurred.

“When we arrived at the clinic, it was too late,” he said of the tragedy to reporters. “This is hard to accept, and it is painful. I don’t understand how a snake can get into a classroom and bite my daughter.”

While it’s unclear how the black mamba got inside a classroom, it’s not unusual for the snakes to make their way into buildings. They usually do this in search of respite from the sun’s heat.

The student’s father said his daughter had “great potential” and loved attending school.