Watch: Nightmare Fuel Video Reveals Camera Eaten by Shark, and It Stays On

by TK Sanders
) (Photo by MICHELE SPATARI/AFP via Getty Images)

In a scene straight out of a horror flick, a tiger shark tried to eat an underwater camera, giving viewers a stark depiction of what being eaten alive might look like. The video shows a shark in the Maldives casually swimming up to the industrial-strength camera on the ocean floor, deciding it’s worth a taste, and then chomping down on it in two quick bites.

Amazingly, the camera didn’t shut off despite the shark bite, leaving viewers to stare down into the predator’s wide, perilous gullet. The panoramic capabilities of the camera gave a distorted, yet beautiful view of the action from within the shark’s mouth. Bright white gills line the sides of the interior in zigzag patterns, and marvelously terrifying teeth line the edges of the frame — a row of jagged edges trapping the camera in place like a razor-wire fence.

Just as we wonder if the camera may slide further down into the darkness, the shark relents, spitting the piece of equipment back into the sand.

Conservationist Zimy Da Kid, founder of underwater photography initiative Deep Sea Guardians, captured the incredible footage by chance last week during a trip to the Indian Ocean. According to his Instagram page, Zimy likes to capture some of the most intense, close-contact shark, underwater life, and outdoors footage in the world.

Another hungry shark in Australia would have likely eaten the camera, too, but had to settle for a tasty bite of the boat’s engine, instead

In another surreal shark encounter just east of the Maldives in neighboring Australia, a great white shark circled a family boat for close to an hour over Easter weekend. The massive 14-foot great white shark even took a few bites at the family’s boat engine.

“We had a big visitor from the deep come up, nice size … white pointer,” local sailor David Tuckfield said to Australian media. David, along with his wife Tanya and 14-year-old son Shelby, encountered the shark while fishing off the coast of Mandurah. The shark approached the family’s 24-foot boat while Shelby tried to reel in a catch from the waters below.

Footage of the attack shows the great white shark breaching behind the boat with its mouth open and ready to bite. Wife Tonya lets out a fearful scream when she sees the animal. Later in the clip, the shark considers taking a bite out of the boat’s engine as it mouths the machinery with its jaws.

“He tried to take a chunk out of the motor — we were mesmerized,” said Tuckfield, who said the shark was larger than any he’d ever seen before.

The great white eventually swam off after about an hour investigating the boat and scaring the family. Afterward, the Tuckfields said the encounter actually made their Easter weekend special, despite giving them a fright in the moment.

“We don’t appreciate [sharks] until you see them up close. The ocean is their playground,” said Tuckfield.