Nightmare Photos Show Huge 8-Foot Alligator Lurking in Miami-Dade Storm Drain

by Megan Molseed
nightmare-photos-8-foot alligator-in-miami-storm-drain

Halloween is just around the corner, and storm drains can be a scary place for horror movie lovers. Sure, we know killer clowns with red balloons lurking just beneath the street certainly aren’t real. But it’s always good to be extra careful, right? It’s a good thing some Miami-Dane Florida residents were extra careful when they approached a local storm drain earlier this week. Of course, they didn’t find a ghostly killer clown down there. What they did find however was much more real; and a whole lot more terrifying after residents were shocked as they spotted a gigantic eight-foot alligator lurking in the waters beneath the road.

Miami-Dade County resident Louis Fernandez was playing catch with some friends when he spotted something in a storm drain. At first, Fernandez thought was a sweet little turtle. However, after looking a little closer, Fernandez realized he was looking at something a lot bigger; and a lot more frightening.

“The nose is moving and breathing and I’m like that’s not a turtle,” said Fernandez. “That’s when we figured out that it’s a gator.”

That’s right, Fernandez and his friends were taken by surprise when they spotted an eight-foot reptile lurking inside of the storm drain.

Something You’d Never Expect To See

“I never would expect something like that to be there,” added Fernandez.“I haven’t seen that, especially in a storm drain, which for this area is not common.”

However, the fear Fernandez and the other residents felt after first discovering the storm-drain-dweller soon dissipated; and the new neighborhood visitor began to cause quite the buzz.

Residents took the opportunity to snap pictures and capture videos of the unique visitor. Everyone believed the eight-foot-long alligator would eventually find its way out of the drain; although, many were keeping a regular eye on the reptile, just to make sure.

“We didn’t think it would be this long for it to get out,” said Oscar Alvarez, one of the residents watching the gator. “I’ve been worried for it after the second day because I knew it has been stuck there.”

Once it became clear to the gator-watchers that the reptile was stuck; unable to get out of the drain, they knew they had to find some help to get the alligator out.

Residents Call For Help Releasing Trapped Alligator

The concerned residents got a hold of officials at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to help free the trapped animal.

“We called public works and they used some water pumps to push water through the storm drain,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Ron Washington. “It went to the positive outflow into the canal and eventually the gator did swim back into the canal.”

The alligator was set free.

But, trappers who joined in the effort were unable to capture the alligator once it was released from the storm drain. Area crews announced they will be capping the drain to ensure the safety of residents going forward.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says that even though the alligator did swim back into the canal from which it came, they will continue to monitor the area.