North Carolina Angler Pulls in a Unique Haul: A Stolen BMW

by Jennifer Shea

A North Carolina angler turned up something he wasn’t expecting to find on a fishing expedition: a stolen BMW.

The fisherman was boating on Lake Wylie outside Charlotte when his sonar started giving off a strange signal. It had picked up something very large underwater, according to Fox News. So he reported it to local authorities.

The York County Sheriff’s Office investigated further. And they found a car about 20 feet deep and 50 feet from the shore near the Allison Creek area of the lake.

North Carolina Authorities Recover Stolen BMW After Angler Reels It In

It was more than a month ago that the angler stumbled across something lurking beneath the water’s surface, the Greensboro News & Record reports. But it took awhile to get the multiple agencies involved in removing the car on the same page.

Plus, after the angler reported his find, a sheriff’s boat patrol had to check it out. Using sonar, the boat patrol determined the object was a car. Then sheriff’s divers ventured into the lake to confirm.

Last Thursday, a dive team finally joined in the multi-departmental effort to recover the car. The authorities used giant float bags to hoist the car to the water’s surface and towed it onto a boat ramp. They then moved it from there to the Allison Creek boat landing on the lake’s western shore.

When it got to the surface, authorities were able to identify the car as a stolen BMW 5-Series that was reported missing in Charlotte in 2017. Tega Cay and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers assisted in the recovery and identification of the car.

It is rare for police to find cars that far out in the lake, a York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman told Fox News Autos.

Stranger Things Have Turned Up in the Lake

But Lake Wylie plays host to all sorts of strange finds. Other fishermen have caught things like a pacu, a South American fish similar to a piranha, or spotted small alligators in the lake. Salvage divers have come across lost jewelry.

And this past August, authorities plucked 2 pounds of marijuana from the lake after a driver fleeing police from Charlotte to York County drove into Lake Wylie near Ebenezer Park.

The latest Lake Wylie find provided material for a spate of jokes from locals on Facebook.

“Some fish gonna get up this morning and be like where the hell is my car,” one woman posted.