North Carolina Hunter’s Giant 23-Point Whitetail Buck Ranks Fifth in State History

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

One North Carolina hunter put himself in the record books with his irregular buck he nabbed late last year. After an official score on the whitetail deer, he has the fifth-largest buck ever in the state’s history. The fact that it came from an unlikely region of the state and this story just gets better and better.

Every year, North Carolina deer hunters get together and measure their bucks officially. The Dixie Deer Classic has official measurements and hands out awards based on who had the best kills of the last season.

That’s a Big Buck

  • Vincent Clark took his giant buck to the Dixie Deer Classic where it was officially measured
  • The irregular buck had a very large and interesting rack and ranks 5th all-time in North Carolina
  • Clark came away with “Best in Show” however, there were no prizes or cash awards just bragging rights
  • The hunter took the deer down from 100 yards out from a box blind on private land in the mountains of North Carolina

It was back in December. Around 5 p.m. and Vincent Clark was hunting a monster. The old buck had been seen on trail cams, but the hunter had trouble tracking it. He didn’t need to it seems. While sitting in a box blind on a private food plot, Clark saw the buck right in front of him. Well, about 100 yards away that is.

However, he stayed calm, lined up his shot, and took the buck down. The animal ran just a little before it fell to the ground. Since then. Clark has been wondering if he had a record holder. You never know until the official measurement is made. Clark’s friend, Christian Gardner commented on the deer.

“This deer is [a] whopper, something we’ll never [see] again in our mountain area.”

The dark and wooded mountains are usually not the home to large bucks. This is truly an exception to the rule. While it wasn’t the biggest non-typical buck ever, it landed 5th all-time on the list. The antlers, with a big drop tine, a stubby point, and a lot of character all around the 23 points, measured 203 0/8 inches.

North Carolina Buck Gets Some Attention

Part of the Dixie Deer Classic is getting measurements. However, it is also a social event. A time for the hunters of North Carolina to get together, talk about their hunts, kills, bucks and so much more. Clark was able to bring in his monster trophy and was rewarded with praise and appreciation for his hunt.

It was the Boone & Crockett Club that scored the buck. From the size to the location it was hunted, and the 200-pound body of the animal. This was just a great hunt and one that Clark won’t forget for the rest of his life.