North Carolina Marines Urged To Stop Running in the Dark Following 4 Coyote Attacks

by Halle Ames

At Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, three marines and one sailor have been bitten by a coyote. This has led to officials at the base issuing a warning to anyone going out after dark.

The random attacks are happening near the Wallace Creek area at Camp Lejeune. According to a Facebook post made by base officials, the most recent attack was on Wednesday at 4 a.m.

“Until further notice, please do not run in this area after dark until the animal can be removed,” the Facebook post reads.

Nat Fahy, a spokesman for the base, said that the coyote bit the military personnel on the leg. However, none of the injuries are serious. She also says that wildlife officials at Camp Lejeune think there is only one coyote responsible for the attacks.

“They all received medical treatment, including rabies post-exposure treatment, which is standard protocol,” Fahy said.

In addition, according to the Wildlife Resources Commission, all of North Carolina’s 100 counties have coyotes living in them.

The commission also warns people not to feed wild animals because they “may become bold and aggressive.”

“Don’t be intimidated by a coyote,” a pamphlet from the commission states. “Maintain its wariness by throwing a small object, such as a tennis ball, at it, making a loud noise, or spraying it with a hose. Let it know it is unwelcome.”

Anyone who sees with the coyote near Camp Lejeune, please call 911 or the base provost marshal office.

Wild Animals vs Marines

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time people on the base have had issues with dangerous wildlife. In 2018, officials at the Marine Corps Air Station New River had to deal with a similar issue. Marines were allegedly responsible for feeding an alligator behind the barracks.

“In addition to being illegal, feeding an alligator is dangerous and creates a safety issue if they become habituated to being fed by humans,” the station warned at the time.

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