North Carolina Woman Tells Story of Latest Scary Snake Encounter After Already Being Bit in May

by Matthew Memrick

A North Carolina woman who was bit by a snake in May says she says she’s been “traumatized” all over again by a second snake “attack.” 

After a May attack severely hurt Heatherly Noble, last week’s snake came out of the grass. It followed her and her two dogs back to her Mooresville house. She described it as “a big, fat black snake” to the Charlotte Observer.

The woman was with her Australian cattle dog Bella and Chiweenie dog Mickey less than half a mile from her home last week. In what she thought was a black plastic doggie poo bag in the grass, she went to dispose of the litter.

In a flash, the bag turned out to be an 8-foot long serpent that rose and homed in on the former Texas resident.

May Snake Did A Number On Woman

In May’s incident, Noble was trimming a tall bush outside her front door. A video caught her passed over the bush with her trimmer and a black snake lunged at her. The snake, she said, was “like a demon rising from the depths of hell.”

She fell backward, caught her foot in the ladder, and suffered an ACL tear. She said she was bit by the same “demon” earlier in the morning.

A final surgery for the ACL will be on Sept. 16.

The August Snake More Merciful

Noble avoided the latest animal attack, saying she “hobbed away as fast as she could.”

Despite the shock of seeing it, she was able to take pictures of it. The snake sunned itself on the sidewalk. It finally ignored her and her two doggies. She called it a “good snake” because it didn’t pursue her like the former one.

A former Texas resident, she told the newspaper she liked the North Carolina vegetation and said it was better than the Lone Star State’s.

But the second sighting did a number on her. 

After two years of no serpents, she’s since her third this year. According to her homeowners’ association, venomous copperhead snakes have bit her neighbor’s dogs recently. 

Noble said she’s joked about the snake encounters, but seeing the two has had a “traumatizing” effect.

North Carolina Dangers

According to NC Wildlife, there are 37 different kinds of serpents in the state, with only six venomous types. They are the Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake, Timber/canebrake rattlesnake, and Pygmy rattlesnake. The final three poisonous ones are protected and endangered snakes.

Nine species in the state are listed as endangered. They are not to be harmed, harassed, or relocated without a state permit. 

Sometimes rat or garter snakes are mistaken for copperheads and they are killed. 

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission recommends spraying serpents with a garden hose to get it to leave.