Off the Menu: Wisconsin May Cancel Wolf Hunting Season

by Hannah Heser

The wolf hunt in Wisconsin will not be held this season since a judge issued an order last month. According to Fox News, the court schedule reveals it’s unlikely Wisconsin will receive a decision by the end of 2021.

Fox News reports the removal of gray wolves from the endangered species list on January 4, 2021. Meaning that 218 wolves were brought into the state.

What the Lawsuit Means

Firstly, Fox News states that “the Department of Natural Resources has not created the necessary permanent regulations for the hunt, in general.” As soon as the state applies laws for requiring quotas, a hunting license, and a new plan for population purposes. In other words, it’s important to have information that says you know what you’re doing. The state can’t be responsible if something bad happens.

Fox also mentioned a report from the “Public News Service”. It said “A decision on the injunction won’t be made until next spring. That means there is not to be any wolf hunting held this winter.” Period.

Now that there are more wolves in the state, more rules are enforced to keep a huntsman safe. In fact, the most recent Wisconsin wolf hunt was almost eight years ago.

Gray Wolf Found Dead in Southern California

Wolves are animals who love to explore the wilderness. However, one wolf, in particular, was found dead in southern California last month.

Before OR-93’s adventure took place, scientists decided to put a tracker on him to follow his journey.

Furthermore, OR-93 is classified as a gray wolf from Oregon who traveled thousands of miles across the country. In fact, when he crossed into California, he became known as the first wolf to travel this far.

According to NBC, OR-93 was found dead on Interstate 5, which is one of California’s busiest and the most dangerous. However, scientists believe if he didn’t end up as roadkill, he could’ve been harmed searching for his prey.

According to Worldwide News video, many wolves have traveled from Oregon to California in the past, but they rarely go far. They often cross back over the border and only travel in packs.

Since we all are aware that these animals like adventures, they won’t stop until they find what they’re searching for.

The Poison Investigation

Since we’re on the topic of Oregon, officials are locating the person who poisoned eight of these animals in this state.

NPR reported on December 6 that the investigation for this incident is still in place. The killing includes all five members of the Catherine Pack and three others from different packs. Even though the population is increasing, this number still hurts them.

In hopes of finding the person who commited this crime, officials are offering $26,000.