Officials Issue Warnings After Black Bear Knocks Fisherman To the Ground

by Matthew Memrick

Canadian officials are issuing warnings to residents after an Oct. 15 incident where a black bear knocked a fisherman to the ground.

Thankfully, no one at the popular fishing creek was hurt, and the assailant fled without additional fighting. 

According to USA Today, there was no additional information like if the angler had a fish on the end of his line. Or if he was posing for a selfie with the fish when the bear came upon him.

A report said the black bear silently came upon the angler at Kootowis Creek near Tofino and knocked him over. Fortunately, the fisherman was able to scare the black bear away.

Twitter wasn’t much help when it came to a humorous take on the incident. Just a few people were imploring humans to stay out of bear areas.

However, Facebook users had more charged comments. Some wanted more freedom to kill more bears. Others said don’t hurt the bears in their habitats. It all came down to Pro-Bear versus Anti-Bear in those comments, eh?

One man called out the angler for not knowing when to carry bear spray. Another responded, “I’m sure you can see a bear that comes from behind. Mind sharing your secret?”

That answer elicited a “You have to know your surroundings in bear country” stern warning. This rough and tumble Canuck went on to say that some people “cry when they see a bear too close.”

I mean, that has to be some pretty hardcore daydreaming not to hear that bear come approaching. Or something.  

The Black Bear Did What?

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service only learned of the Oct. 15 bear attack a week later. The creek is known for its salmon and cutthroat trout.

Officials said in a Tweet that “the bear made contact with the man, who was able to scare the animal away. Although the bear knocked the man over, he was not injured.”

So, they’re putting up signs to warn the public. Officers are also investigating the scene and monitoring the immediate area.

It was not clear why the bear initiated contact with the fisherman.

Kootowis Creek is popular among anglers targeting salmon and cutthroat trout.

Bow Hunter Bit in the Back by Black Bear

You have to keep an eye out for those tricky bears.

One Wisconsin bow hunter found that out the hard way

Dalton Roach, 25, was hunting on some family land for deer when he got a little too close to a black bear. The 250-to-300-pound bear spotted him and climbed into his tree. 

Roach felt a tugging at his camouflage and felt the bear bite him. Fortunately, he was able to scare it off and scurry down the tree for his truck. After his wife advised him to go to the hospital, hospital personnel treated his wound. They also started him on the first shot of many rabies treatment shots.