Ohio Hunter’s Dream Buck Gets Taken Down by Daughter Instead

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by J. Irwin/Classicstock/Getty Images)

Kevin Miller has been stalking a buck that he calls Captain Hook for three years. This season, the Ohio hunter’s daughter took it down.

Like a story out of Greek mythology, this beautiful 10-point buck has been roaming Miller’s hunting grounds and been elusive for years. He spent a lot of time watching the deer on his trail cam just for his daughter to take it down with an arrow back in late October.

The deer was a beautiful animal and Ellie Miller was accurate with her shots. Captain Hook even suffered an arrow shot once before just to survive and come back even stronger in the next year. Ellie is a sophomore at Hiland High School and her crossbow dealt the killing blow to the Captain.

This deer has a story too, and Miller says he, “loves a deer with a story.” The Millers have a farm where they work on efforts to raise and support wild deer. Their neighbors have a similar setup. When hunting season comes along, the Ohio hunter stocks the area with food plots, trail cams, and plenty of feeders.

‘My Buddy Johnny Mullet’

One of the Ohio hunter’s neighbors, Johnny Mullet (yes that is his real name) apparently saw the deer years before. The hunter decided to pass up on the animal back then when it was a three-year-old. That likely explains why the deer was able to grow so large.

“My buddy Jonny Mullet passed him up as a 3-year-old. He was a 140 then, and that’s why he got so big,” Miller explained.

Then, after searching for the deer for a couple of seasons, Miller got his chance at the animal.

“I only had a little time to hunt that night,” he recalled. “I got out late, so it was more of an observation sit. Then all of a sudden, he comes in. I was scrambling and the deer smelled me. I got off a quick shot, but I hit him low.”

The deer would make a comeback in the next year despite the wound.

Ohio Hunter Loses Deer to Daughter

So, this year, Miller’s daughter wanted to go out hunting with dad. She wanted to land a buck. They went out in late October and looked for a suitable animal to take down. It was October 29, a Friday. It was raining and there was an East wind.

Kevin Miller didn’t even bring his own bow. Then, Captain Hook showed up. As the deer chased a doe in the field, the Ohio hunter got his daughter ready to take the shot. She checked her posture and squared her body. Then, she took the shot. She nailed it and took down the beautiful deer. He measured out at a main-frame 10 with stickers at 184 1/2.

Don’t feel too bad for dad, he nabbed his own deer this season and it scored a 156. That deer was named Earl.