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Ohio Hunter May Have Broken Record with First Buck

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Mark Smith/ Getty Images)

You know the old saying beginner’s luck? Well, this man in Ohio might have just broken a record with his.

On the evening of October 16, Corey Richmond sent one of his brothers-in-law a text that read, “You’re going to hate me.”

“I hunt the farm with both of my brothers-in-law, and they were happy for me, but also mad,” Richmond says. “I get it. If I were in their shoes, I’d be a little mad too. But we were able to keep it in the family, at least.”

Richmond had been waiting for months to try and land the massive buck he had seen on his trail cameras every evening from July to August. As soon as September (and deer season) started, the huge buck vanished.

According to many neighbors, they also saw the animal on their cameras, but they were quiet about the sighting until word got around that Richmond got it during his successful hunt.

On the chilly mid-October evening, Richmond saw the elusive buck once again. With one shot from nearly 60 yards away with his compound-bow, he killed his first and biggest buck of his life. He hit the deer broadside and right through the heart. It measured in at 224 ⅜- inch whitetail.

“I was actually lucky to have practiced at that exact distance with my bow before walking into my stand, plus I did a lot of work in the offseason because it was a new bow from Mathews, so that really helped me.”

Potential Record Breaking Buck is First for Richmond

Although it takes 60 days to let the animal’s skull dry before officials can measure it, the family has a good feeling that the buck will land him in the record books in Adams County.

Prior to this huge kill, Richmond had only killed a few does.

“I was shaking pretty badly once I knew he was going to give me a shot, but I was very prepared to make it,” Richmond says.

In addition, Ohio only allows one buck tag per hunter, so Richmonds hunter season is over, although we think he can go home pretty satisfied.

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