Oklahoma Angler Lands One of the Largest Bass Ever While Fishing in Texas

by Quentin Blount

It has been a dream-come-true start to 2022 for one Oklahoma angler who traveled to Texas earlier this week to do some fishing.

Brodey Davis is actually from Tuttle, Oklahoma. However, earlier this week, he and his son decided to head down to the Lone Star State and get out on the water. That turned out to be a good decision on their part. They went on to catch a 17.06-pound largemouth bass. As it currently stands, the catch is a pending lake record and it’s one of the top-10 largest ever caught in the state of Texas.

Davis told FTW Outdoors on Thursday that he and his boy were fishing at O.H. Ivie Lake when they reeled in the monster bass.

“It’s been an unbelievable day,” Davis said. “We drove from Oklahoma to specifically fish O.H. Ivie for a double-digit bass. My son Stetson, who is 9, was out of school due to the winter storm that went through Oklahoma earlier this week.”

Oklahoma Angler Donates Bass to the ShareLunker Program

Not only has it been a great start to the year for Brodey Davis and his young son, but it’s also been great for the state of Texas as a whole. Davis said he will be donating his 17-pound largemouth bass to the state’s ShareLunker program.

We know that most of you Outsiders are probably familiar with a Legacy Class fish. But for anyone that’s new here, a Legacy Class fish is one that is large enough to be used for breeding purposes. The offspring from those fish are then used to stock the lakes and ponds all across Texas.

After Davis announced he would be donating his catch to the program, the Toyota ShareLunker program Facebook page, which is run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, shared the news.

“Historic day! Angler Brodey Davis just weighed one of the largest Texas ShareLunkers to hit the scales in the past 30 years!! His 17.06 pound Legacy Class bass is the pending new lake record for lake O.H. Ivie and one of the top 10 Texas largemouth bass of all time. Wow! Congratulations, Brodey and thank you for your support of the future of Texas fisheries!”

People on Facebook couldn’t believe the size of Davis’ bass.

“Wow. What an impressive fish,” one person commented.

“Bass of a lifetime!” added another reader.

“Absolute monster,” a third user said. “Cold weather you earned it.”

Two More Largemouth Bass Donated to ShareLunker Program Over the Weekend

As we said, it’s been a great start to the year for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and for their ShareLunker program. Not only did Brodey Davis donate his monster catch, but two more anglers in the state also did the same.

Montana Hand and Jonney Smoldas both reeled in 13-pound largemouth bass over the weekend and donated to support the program. You can read all about their story right here.