Oklahoma Deer Hunter Bags Record Whitetail From Insane Distance

by Matthew Memrick

Most men can’t go hunting on their wife’s birthday, but one Oklahoma deer hunter did and got a record Whitetail from an insane distance.

On Dec. 3, Steve Lippitt, and buddy Kyle Barton, went hunting in Kansas, according to Outdoor Life. The insurance agent caught a 190-inch record Whitetail from 870 yards out at a private farm.

Lippitt said the cool morning conditions were just right and that he owes his record to his wife. 

“I have been hunting whitetails a long time and never would have thought I’d shoot a typical buck of this caliber,” Lippitt told the website. “He definitely is a buck of many lifetimes, and I shot him on my wife’s birthday, so I owe her dearly for the chance to collect such an incredible animal.”

Hunter Saw Kansas Deer Days Before Bagging It

Lippitt and Barton were at a 320-acre private farm when he shot the deer. He had hunted there for years with his .308 custom-built Baer rifle with BAT-action and Nightforce scope.

The men got their portable shooting table up on a hill, closed up to a cedar tree and waited.

The 50-year-old man with 20 years of long-range shooting experience said it was so perfect with no wind that he didn’t “have to calculate bullet wind drift.”

Lippitt said an early sighting of the great Whitetail buck came days earlier, but he couldn’t get a shot. He even said he almost hit it with his vehicle on Dec. 1.

The Bartlesville, Okla. resident said a few does “stepped into a cut bean field,” and the men waited to see if they’d lure any bucks. About 8:30 a.m., Lippitt saw his familiar buck and calmly waited as the animal moved along the prairie. But he knew he wouldn’t have long to take his shot, so took him down the first chance he got.”

Sure Shot, Big Reward For Whitetail Hunter

Lippitt remembered the deer at a slight angle when he took his shot. His hand-loaded 205-grain Berger bullet came from 849 yards out. The .308 bullet went through the buck’s shoulder, and it was enough for the kill.

The men knew it was a biggie, but when they drew up on it, they realized it was bigger than any deer they had ever come across before.

Here are a few more stats on the 5 1/2-year-old, 260-pound Whitetail buck. Lippitt measured it as a 12-pointer with a nearly 2-inch kicker for 13 scorable points. As for the green score, the man had it 203 5/8s inches gross, netting 190 4/8s inches. If Lippitt’s record buck stands, it will top Dennis Finger’s 1970 current record-holding 190 2/8-inch buck.

Besides showing off the deer on his Facebook page, Lippitt sent photos to the landowner, friends, and neighbors. Soon after, the man learned others picked up the massive Whitetail buck in trail camera photos, and one bowhunter nearly got it at 20 yards earlier this season.