Oklahoma Hit by 28 Tornadoes in October, Breaking State Record

by Shelby Scott

2021 has been quite a year for natural disasters and it appears Oklahoma has been host to quite a few of them. While wildfires continue to rage in the West. Previously, the South withstood the torments of Hurricane Ida and the East Coast endured deadly flooding. Now, OK has broken a record of its own. Current reports reveal the state has been hit by 28 tornadoes in October alone, breaking the state record.

Just last week, Fox News reported OK sustained “baseball-sized” hail and intense winds. The latest conditions mark October as the most active for the state.

A KOCO meteorologist shared that this year’s record beat out a 1998 record. The 20th-century tally saw a total of 27 tornadoes throughout the month of Oct. that year.

Incredibly, the tornadoes came in clusters, rather than a couple at a time. The storms’ coupling made conditions incredibly dangerous multiple times throughout the month for Oklahomans. The National Weather Service previously shared a tally of 10 tornadoes that struck on Oct. 10th, nine on Oct. 12th, and three on the 13th.

Oklahoma Tornadoes Accompanied by Severe Weather Conditions

Further, while 28 tornadoes is no doubt both impressive and destructive, the state has suffered even more than that. The NWS reported that, for this year alone, OK has withstood more than 50 tornadoes. Fortunately, the natural disasters have not resulted in injuries or death so far. Nevertheless, the tornadoes have still wreaked havoc on the state.

The most recent series of storms and tornadoes to strike OK left a trail of destruction in its path, though nothing like Hurricane Ida which struck other Southern states earlier this summer. Nevertheless, high winds and hail contributed to the collapse of exterior walls on a small building. Additionally, high winds completely tore off a roof, while also downing powerlines and trees.

Fox also reported that the harsh weather conditions which spread across OK sent storms crowding over neighboring states. These included Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. Heavy rain, wind, and lightning struck OK’s neighbors.

Finally, hail from the stores created major damage to vehicles. Reports claim the precipitation shattered windows and dented cars in certain areas.

Illinois Twister ‘Shreds’ Grain Bin

Clearly, OK, as one of several Southern states bordering the Gulf Coast, has become familiarized with the commonality of natural disasters in the area, that’s not to say those same phenomena don’t strike further north.

Earlier this month, two amateur storm chasers captured the insane moment an Illinois twister ripped apart a farmer’s grain bin. The storm chasers had parked a bit of a distance from the storm, their clap capturing the bin pieces as they get ripped apart and are then sent swirling beneath the funnel cloud.

Later in the video, we see the funnel has inched closer to the ground, the storm chasers zooming in on the moment the tornado begins sucking dust-up from the ground. Additional destruction resultant from the IL tornadoes came as a nearby machine shed became completely leveled by the storm and a silo entirely caved in.