Optical Illusion of Woman on Snowboard Has People Debating

by Victoria Santiago

A new optical illusion is taking the internet by storm. A woman learning to snowboard appears to be invisible against the snow. Sometimes optical illusion pictures go viral. When that happens, the internet collectively loses its mind. We’ve seen it happen before with the blue vs. white dress.

Optical illusions are named as such because they trick us. They fool our eyes into seeing something that isn’t there. Or, in this case, they trick us into not seeing something. A picture shared on Reddit by Mystical_Cat has the internet forum in an uproar. The post, uploaded on December 14th, currently has over 25,000 upvotes.

The picture is of a woman snowboarding. Or is it? At first glance, all we can see is the snowy landscape with trees in the background. Upon closer inspection, we can start to see the outline of the woman against the trees. The woman learning to snowboard has managed to perfectly match her outfit to the terrain. Her pants blend in with the snow she’s practicing on. Her coat matches the background of the trees almost perfectly, too. Additionally, where her clothes meet matches the horizon line of the picture.

While coincidences like these are often funny, many Reddit users shared their concern for her choice of clothing. Under the post, Fairkatrina commented: “Aaaaand that’s why you’re supposed to wear something bright if you’re going up a mountain and might need to be rescued by helicopter.” They have a good point!

11-Month Old Learns How to Snowboard

An 11-month old child has recently learned how to snowboard, too. She doesn’t know how to walk yet, but that’s okay. Snowboarding everywhere is almost surely more efficient.

Wang Yuji was taken to a Beijing resort with ski slopes. Her parents put her on the slopes and since then she’s been snowboarding away. She started on a very gentle slope, and she was dressed for the occasion of course. Her ability to keep her balance is interesting, especially since she can’t even walk yet. But her parents discovered that if they put her in snowboarding shoes and strap her in, she can stand on the board.

She only started snowboarding in November. She can’t control the direction she goes or how fast she goes, but Wang Yuji still loves it. Her parents said that they never would’ve had her try to snowboard if she reacted negatively to the board and snow. Instead of being scared or resisting, she would giggle and pat her legs.

Since she’s been snowboarding, she’s garnered online attention from snowboarders at Thaiwoo Ski Resort. The resort is located in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, which is one of the cities hosting the Winter Olympics. Her parents even went so far as to hire a coach for the toddler. It’s not every day that you meet an 11-month old that’s serious about snowboarding. Kudos to her for fearlessly tackling the (gentle) slopes.