Oregon Man Apprehended After Poaching Bull Elk with Rifle During Bow Season

by Jonathan Howard

Hunting should be done within the lines of the law. Poaching is wrong and one Oregon man will face punishment for killing a Bull Elk. It was back on September 2, 2021, when state police were called to a report of a dead bull elk. It had been killed, had the head removed as well as the meat.

While it is bow season in Oregon, the problem was this animal had been shot with a rifle. That’s, obviously, a big no-no during bow season. After an investigation, police figured out how the animal had been shot and how exactly the incident occurred.

“The investigation revealed that Jase Billman, 20, shot the bull from the roadway with a .270 caliber rifle then enlisted the help of 3 friends and family to pack it out,” Oregon State Police said.

Not only did Billman receive a citation for Unlawful Take of Bull Elk, but he also had his rifle seized as well as what he took from the elk. Officials were able to salvage the meat. Again, Billman had three others help him out in order to take down the elk and harvest the parts including antlers.

There is just no excuse for hunting out of season and poaching in general. Not only is it illegal, but it also hurts populations of animals. Not to mention that using a rifle during bow season can be potentially dangerous. It just doesn’t make sense to do it.

Poaching Prawn Can Be Expensive

It isn’t just large animals like deer, elk, and bear that get poached. Down in Hawai’i, prawn poaching can be costly. There is no mercy for those that decide to take the small sea creatures without authority or out of season. This past summer, the most expensive fine ever in the state was given out to one sorry man.

By the time it was said and done, Wayne Keaulana Spatz, 54, received a $633,840 fine. The Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources laid down the hammer with the fine. Spatz wasn’t even trying to harvest the pawns. His poaching fine was given for poisoning a stream with ant poison. He dumped the poison in the Paaheehee Stream on the Big Island. It killed an estimated 6250 Tahitian prawns.

This is a huge deal and the aftermath of the poaching led to warnings being given about prawn consumption. Meanwhile, Spatz himself disappeared and attempted to duck the fines. I have a feeling he isn’t going to be able to run from them for long.

Poaching laws should be heavily enforced. They are there to protect wildlife and ecosystems that need our protection. If not, folks will just kill all the elk and poison all the streams. It makes no sense and is ultimately a selfish act. Hopefully, officials in all 50 states take their job as seriously as the Hawaiian officials did in this case.