Oregon Sea Lion Nabbed By Police After Going for a Walk Around Town

by Courtney Blackann

Anyone who visits the gorgeous Oregon coast is sure to see sea lions dotting the rocks as they hunt for fish. It’s a beautiful site to see them jumping in and out of the water. Or resting on a rock as they sunbathe. However, one neighborhood in Oregon got a glimpse of a sea lion taking a little stroll down the street. This is because she swam upstream and got a little lost. Thanks to the local police department though, officials helped the sea lion safely to the ocean.

In Lincoln City, Oregon, several people told authorities that a seal was wandering down the street, far from where she should have been. The Lincoln City Police Department concocted a plan to return her to the water. They used fish as bait as the team set out to rescue her.

According to Newsweek, the police department posted about the adventure and how they helped Tiffany make it safely home. They even received a donation of fish from a local fish house.

“An officer responded to Kenny’s IGA Village Market in Taft and explained what was going on,” the Facebook post said. “The staff at Kenny’s donated several packages of fish to our cause and refused payment for the fish insisting they wanted to do what they could to help out the animal. The gift of fish was presented to Tiffany, who was interested in the fish, but was likely too overstimulated and unfortunately was not willing to follow the bait.”

Officials Think of New Plan After Sea Lion Doesn’t Take the Bait

Because Tiffany didn’t want to take the bait, the officers had to devise another plan. Using sheets of plywood as a corral, the team had to guide her to safety.

“After several breaks for the sake [of] Tiffany’s health, (and a few refreshing soaks from garden hoses) she was guided to an opening which led down to the river,” the Facebook post says.

They went on to add:

“The tide was currently out and would be a while longer before she would be covered in water completely, but she settled down happily [in] a small stream section and seemed content to wait it out until the next tide.”

One officer noted that in his 20 years of service, this was his first sea lion rescue. Oregon is home to two different types of sea lions which visit its beaches and rocky coasts. The California sea lion as well as the Stellar sea lion. Female California sea lions don’t make it as far north as Tiffany. So authorities were able to identify her as a Stella sea lion.