Outsider Consolidating Hunting Category With Expansion into Outdoors, ‘Love to Hunt’ Page to Be Rebranded as Outdoors

by Outsider


Nashville, Tennessee, February 26, 2020 – Outsider is proud to announce that it is consolidating its outdoor coverage to include more encompassing, expansive delivery of the great outdoors. Outsider is rebranding the popular ‘Love to Hunt’ Facebook page to ‘Outdoors’ in order to deliver content to a wider audience.

Rebranding “Love to Hunt” to Outdoors will better serve the full outdoors community of Outsiders.

The consolidation will serve all camping, hiking, hunting, and outdoors fanatics with knowledgable tips and reviews, as well as entertaining video content, memes, and outdoor news. The adjustment to an overarching “Outdoors” focus will aid Outsider connect followers by celebrating the one thing we have in common: Being Outsiders.

The company is has increased its editorial staff with new editors, producers, and content creators. The recent addition of a video staff and producers will help feed engaging, expert video content to the community of outdoor-lovers on the Facebook page.

“We are undergoing an aggressive expansion plan,” said Outsider GM Greg Gough. “Outsider is increasing our content offering in all outdoor lifestyle categories. With this consolidation we move further into our dedication to serving the whole outdoors community: an underserved audience who have a passion for the great outdoors.”

With in-depth story-telling, profiles, videos, and authoritative product reviews, and how-tos, Outsider is dedicated to educating and inspiring the outdoors lifestyle. The Facebook page consolidation seeks to better deliver that content to hunters, anglers, campers, and hikers, alike.

The best moments are shared outdoors. Outsiders love being outside, we love beaches, mountains and the draw of a river. It is more than just the freedom to roam: it’s also about the freedom to roam together. Sharing experiences makes us stronger and nothing brings people closer like exchanging knowledge and experiences. Now, the large social community of those who understand the purest moments are the ones exploring outdoors can better unite, learn, and grow together.

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