Parents Using a Live Tiger in a Gender Reveal Draws Online Backlash

by Jon D. B.

The internet is not here for this couple’s use of a tiger in their gender reveal, and they’re letting the couple responsible know it.

No matter how much we humans advance, some people will still only see wild animals as “lesser than.” Like this Dubai couple, for example, who recently used a tiger as a method of gender reveal.

Tigers are one of nature’s most gorgeous creations. Their majestic, striking appearance and fierce strength have made them the subject of countless human myths and legends. These big cats are not only one of the stealthiest large predators on the planet but are also fighting to remain on this planet amidst critical endangerment.

Meanwhile, some humans are obsessed with trying to find the most insane way to reveal the gender of a baby. As footage shows, the tiger has been sequestered on a beach next to the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Balloons are then released to taunt said tiger into bursting one. Eventually, the tiger swipes and bursts a large black balloon, and pink mist fills the air. Joyous day.

Dubai is a city of extravagant wealth, yes. But it may also be a place of few wildlife laws because this is insane. For so many reasons.

The footage was originally posted with the caption: “Gender reveal gone #wild congrats mama.”

Then, Lovin Dubai would re-post the video on Instagram, where it has since gone viral. And whoo boy, are people letting this couple know how they feel.

Use of Endangered Tiger for Gender Reveal Sparks Global Outrage

In the time since, the original post has added a disclaimer reading: “Disclaimer – tiger was not harmed and plastic was disposed of, relax everyone.”

Yet that is not stopping anyone from pointing out how misguided this entire ordeal is.

“This isn’t something to be proud of. These animals are not pets,” Enta Green replies to Lovin’ Dubai’s showcase.

“This is beyond problematic…on so many levels,” another user echoes. Similar comments like “Not cool at all” and “Ridiculous, wild animals shouldn’t be pets” are pouring in, too. And those are just the more tame responses.

“Lol no wildlife activist seeing this?” one Instagram follower asks. A valid question! Yet it’s this person’s words that hit the nail on the proverbial head: “A tiger’s place is in wilderness not as pet in Dubai or anywhere else.”

The outrage has grown so much in the last 24 hours that popular outlet LADbible has approached the “mum-to-be” for comment. They have yet to receive an answer.

Whether anything can be done about this ridiculous tiger escapade, however, is completely up to the Dubai government. Chances are, nothing will happen until someone gets eaten. Which they will. And then it will be the tiger that pays the price for human ignorance.

What a time to be alive.