Glacier National Park Reveals Damage from Recent Floods, ‘Not as Extensive’ as Yellowstone

by Amy Myers

It’s clear that of our western national parks, Yellowstone suffered the worst from the recent torrential rainfall. However, surrounding parks like Glacier National Park are still dealing with their fair share of trail deterioration and flooding, too.

Recently, the park shared an update that demonstrated just how much water reached the Montana-based national park, roughly 400 miles northwest of Yellowstone.

“Though not as extensive as our neighbors at Yellowstone NP, Glacier is also experiencing impacts from recent flooding,” the park shared on Instagram. “Many hiking trails are still wet and muddy from the rain and high water. Avalanche Lake Trail is closed due to damage from flooding, and trail crews are working to reopen the trail.”

Along with the information, Glacier also posted several photos of Avalanche Lake Trail. The hiking trail turned into a river of rushing waters and has seemingly remained that way since the rainfall began on June 13, 2022.

Glacier National Park Shares Three Tips for Helping the Landscape

In order to support the park and prevent further damage, officials included a few tips for visitors while the landscape is still in such a delicate state.

The first had to do with proper gear: “Wear appropriate footwear – Be prepared to hike through water and mud to prevent trail widening and consider waterproof hiking boots if you don’t want to get your feet wet.”

Next, and more obviously, Glacier National Park stressed the importance of adhering to park signage and announcements: “Respect trail closures – They are there to protect you and the resources. Failure to respect closures can result in ranger citations.”

Lastly, the park reminded visitors to come with a Plan B and C: “Have a back-up plan if you experience a trail closure – Glacier has hundreds of miles of trails to explore, and each one will show you something special. Try one of the less-traveled trails!”

Yellowstone National Park Gives Major Update on Openings

While Glacier National Park warns visitors of trail closures, Yellowstone has happily announced reopenings.

On July 2, Yellowstone National Park reopened 93% of its roadways. This includes the north loop which experienced some of the worst damage from the floods. Combined with the previously opened south loop, this means visitors will have access to almost all of the park’s attractions.

“We’re pleased to reopen the north loop of Yellowstone to the visiting public less than three weeks after this major flood event,” said Superintendent Cam Sholly. “We have attempted to balance major recovery efforts while reopening as much of the park as possible. We have greatly appreciated the tremendous support of the Department of the Interior; National Park Service; Federal Highway Administration; and our congressional, community, county and state partners.”