President Biden Proposes $3.6 Billion Budget for National Park Service

by Megan Molseed

The Biden administration has announced a proposed $3.6 billion budget for the National Park Service. To achieve this massive funding amount, the Biden administration is requesting an increase in funding of about $500 million for the National Park Service’s upcoming fiscal year. The proposal focuses on increasing funding in a variety of areas and programs among all of the country’s historic and scenic national parks. The funding also aims to improve programs in specific areas including conservation, infrastructure, and operations.

The Quick Facts:

  • The Biden administration is calling for a massive budget increase that will increase the National Parks Service funding in the 2023 fiscal year.
  • The proposal highlights plans for how these funds will be distributed within the National Park System.
  • Some of these plans include improvements in park operations, infrastructure, and conservation efforts.
  • The number of visitors visiting national parks throughout the U.S. continues to increase.

President Biden Aims To Bring More Funding To the Country’s Multiple National Parks

The president’s proposal will give the National Park Service a $3.6 billion budget for the 2023 fiscal year. The proposal calls for a budget increase of about $500 million, should congress approve the optimistic proposal.

President Biden’s proposed budget describes plans to expand on the historic promises the president made during his State of the Union address to build a better America. The proposal puts the priority on infrastructure needs within the park system; climate science; and increasing – or restoring – the parks to a max capacity for visitors. Some of these plans include addressing infrastructure improvement and other repair backlogs that exist in many of our national parks.

“The 2023 budget demonstrates a commitment from the Biden-Harris Administration to address critical issues of our time,” notes National Parks Service Director Chuck Sams.

“The National Park Service plays an important role in connecting Americans to our interwoven history, culture, and environment,” Sams continues. Consequently, the National Parks Service Director notes, this will increase equity and inclusion throughout the park systems.

“This funding is essential to help us continue to improve vital infrastructure, increase equity and inclusion,” Sams explains. “And tackle the climate crisis.”

The Priorities Included Within the Proposed Budget Will Improve and Expand National Parks Throughout the Country

The National Park Service takes care of and preserves 423 parks from coast to coast. The National Park Service also maintains 23 national scenic and historic trails; as well as 64 rivers. These are all places noted to have both natural and historic significance. Furthermore, many of these areas have seen a jump in visitors in recent years – with nearly 300 million visiting the national parks just last year.

Additionally, the increased visitor numbers are providing valuable economic opportunities within the National Parks System – and across the board. Last year, communities surrounding the national parks generated incomes of over $14 billion; supported over 200,000 jobs, and generated $9.7 billion in labor income. This provided an economic output of over $28 billion just last year.