Proposed $1 Billion Park in Maine Includes 1,776-Foot Flagpole

by TK Sanders

A Maine family wants to build a $1 billion patriotic theme park that would include the world’s largest flagpole standing a remarkable 1,776 feet in the air. Of course, one of the largest flags ever made would fly at the top of the flagpole.

The project, called Flagpole of Freedom Park, would ambitiously attempt to heal this nation’s wounds. Organizers think the Maine park can bring people together instead of tearing them apart.

“Everyone feels the division we’re all experiencing right now,” Rob Worcester, managing director of the Flagpole of Freedom Park, told Fox News Digital. “We hope this creates an opportunity for Americans to then come together.”

Housed in Columbia Falls, the flagpole will stand as tall as the One World Trade Center building. The pole itself will be 1,461 feet tall, placed on top of a hill 315 feet above sea level, totaling 1,776 feet in height. The flag would measure 360 feet long by 208 feet wide. It would be one of the largest flags ever produced in American history (the largest measured 505 feet by 225 feet, according to Fox News).

Organizers want to break ground next year and open on Independence Day 2026, or America’s 250th birthday.

The Maine park would honor military veterans and KIA/MIA, as well

Atop the monument would be an observation deck offering views of the Atlantic; below would be a main street with shops and restaurants and games. Designers also want to include a wall of remembrance to commemorate the 24 million Americans who at one time served in our military over the years.

“Flagpole of Freedom Park will be the most significant patriotic destination in the country,” reads a statement from the project’s founders. “Part national monument, part historical adventure, part immersive tech-driven museum and part architectural wonder, this is a destination where we can all come together as simply Americans.”

The proposal and part of the funding will come from the family behind Wreaths Across America. Worcester said his team will then raise the rest of the funds privately through donations. Family patriarch Merrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Co. in Harrington, Maine, founded Wreaths Across America in 1992. The org places wreaths on military graves each December.

Flagpole of Freedom Park offers a “much-needed paradigm” shift in America, said project spokesman Vann Morris, a U.S. Navy combat veteran and speaker. “People need to understand that the flag represents all Americans, every single one of us,” said Morris. “It’s not a political statement, it’s a symbol of unity. It’s about healing America.”

Morris said he hopes the project will honor military, as well.

“[I hope the park will] honor our veterans, remember the fallen and also pay tribute to those in uniform right now,” he said.