Rocky Mountain National Park to Increase Camping and Vehicle Pass Fees

by Amy Myers

In order to improve and maintain visitor services, Rocky Mountain National Park will be increasing the fees for camping and one-day vehicle passes. Starting May 27, one-day vehicle passes will increase from $25 to $30. On October 12, camping fees will increase from $20 to $30 per night. Summer campground fees will increase from $30 to $35 per night. All other park fees, such as the RMNP seven-day pass and the annual pass, will remain the same.

Previously, Rocky Mountain National Park reached out to the public for comment on the increase of certain fees in order to protect the park and improve available services. Officials received resounding support for the proposed changes to the one-day vehicle entrance pass and front-country campground overnight fees.

“Park staff are committed to keeping Rocky Mountain National Park affordable and providing all visitors with the best possible experience,” the park stated in an official release. “This fee increase is still an incredible value when considering other comparable family and recreational experiences.”

In addition to the $5 increase for nightly fees, group fees will also see a $10 increase in each tier. This means that the new group camping costs will be $50/$60/$70, depending on the group size, per night.

Increased Camping and Vehicle Fees Will Help Rocky Mountain Maintain Campgrounds

Typically, national parks receive funding for most of their operations from direct appropriations from Congress. However, this doesn’t cover all of the ongoing maintenance and park projects. These additional projects directly affect and improve visitor services and experience.

According to the park, these higher costs will help “address cost increases related to trash removal, vault toilet and custodial servicing, general site maintenance and snowplow operations in the winter.”

The only exception to the camping fee increase is the Longs Peak Campground. Open in the summer for tents only, this campground’s $30 per night fee will remain the same. This is because it does not have flushable toilets or potable water.

Rocky Mountain National Park Reminds Visitors What It Means Now That ‘Spring Is Here’

The increased costs aren’t the only changes that visitors should be aware of. Earlier this week, Rocky Mountain National Park warned that with springtime comes with precautions that visitors should take to protect emerging wildlife.

“Spring is here – which means that fresh green grass is growing near roadsides and wildlife are on the move,” the park explained on Instagram.

Among the tips that Rocky Mountain shared, reducing vehicle speed and keeping distance from animals, especially younglings, were a couple of the most important.

“Some animals, like Elk, Deer and Bighorn Sheep, travel in groups – where there is one animal, there may be more,” the park added. “Look out for young wildlife traveling with their mothers.”