WATCH: Bison ‘Washes’ a Passing Car at Yellowstone National Park

by Amy Myers

During a recent encounter with a bison at Yellowstone National Park, a visitor caught a massive bison giving her car a wash.

The family behind the YouTube channel posted a four-part series that showed a bison as it approached her car and proceeded to lick it. At first, the filmer was a bit nervous about the animal being so close. After all, bison can head butt cars if they feel they are a threat to them or the herd. However, this one was only interested in cleaning the exterior of the vehicle.

“We decided to pull over to take a break at a parking lot in Hayden Valley, inside Yellowstone National Park,” the filmer described. “Suddenly a bison started walking towards our car. This Bison was many many feet away from us. It decided to get ‘a taste’ of our car. Prior to this trip, we were at a Salt Flat.”

Bison, like any cattle, need a decent amount of salt and other natural minerals in their diet. So, if the family had just driven through a salt flat, it’s likely the bison picked up on the remaining minerals on their car and figured it was a good snack.

“We had no idea this was going to happen!” the family continued. “Excuse my squealing, I (including my family) got too excited (scared) at the same time. It was licking our car for almost an hour! We didn’t move our car, until it was finished, for the safety of the Bison. It was an AMAZING experience!!!”

Yellowstone Bison Demonstrate Dominance With Another Car

Meanwhile, in another video of an encounter, a different family caught a much more defensive interaction between a minivan and a bison.

While a herd was traveling beside the road, one bull decided that the car was too close to a cow. So, the bull gave a warning by ramming the side with its head. It took just this swift movement to crumple the side of the vehicle, and according to the bystander recording the incident, take the bumper with it. Luckily, all of the passengers in the car did what they were supposed to and stayed inside the van.

“The bison ramming the minivan occurs at the very beginning,” the fellow Yellowstone visitors explained. “Unfortunately, there is another bison blocking the view, but you can see the van rock after it was hit. Once the bison in the foreground moves, you can see the damage and if you look closely you can see water (or some fluid) leaking from the vehicle.”

Thankfully, the car was still driveable and traffic continued before the bison could do any more damage.