WATCH: This Bison Stampede on Yellowstone Bridge Demonstrates Massive Herd’s Sheer Power

by Amy Myers

In Wyoming, especially around Yellowstone National Park, it’s not uncommon that you run into a traffic jam because of a few bison with the right-of-way, but when an entire stampede literally shakes the ground as they travel, it becomes more of a spectacle than it does an obstacle.

Not too long ago, a herd of over a hundred bison quickly filed onto a bridge near Yellowstone National Park, paying no attention to the surrounding cars. As locals and frequent visitors well know, there’s no stopping these massive bovines once they begin their journey. The only thing you can do is pull up your camera and wait until they disappear back into the wilderness of the parklands.

One of the travelers caught the entire event on their phone, documenting the sheer power that the herd so easily carried with them. When they started recording, though, they only saw 10 bison on the road. Soon after, the rest of the giant herd appeared.

“We saw a bald eagle on the North side of the bridge and around 10 bison in view on the other side not knowing 10 would turn into a hundred,” the motorist captioned the video. “The bridge shaking and a hundred bison running towards you was exhilarating.”

Yellowstone Bison Herd Nearly Smashes in Front End of Driver’s Vehicle

To make the sighting even more exhilarating, the driver recording the Yellowstone bison stampede nearly became a victim to its might. Mesmerized by the herd’s swift and powerful movements, the driver likely didn’t expect the stampede to continue forward, despite their vehicle blocking the path to the treeline.

As the bovines hurried forward, the driver realized that they were going to get to that treeline, whether or not the car stood in their way. Just before the herd reached the SUV, the driver threw the car in reverse and backed off the Yellowstone bridge. From just inches away, they watched as bulls, cows and plenty of calves plowed forward, vibrating the ground beneath them.

Thankfully, the bovine then took a sharp right, avoiding any injuries to either species.

Following the heart-pounding incident, the travelers also captured the bison herd as the beloved park residents graze nearby. One bull even indulged in a dust bath, dipping his head into the dry dirt and then promptly shaking it off. Others simply rested after their trek across the bridge, all the while their tails flicking to keep the bugs off their thick coats.

Most incredible, though, was the bull that gave a long, gravelly growl as it passed by the vehicle. Perhaps he was establishing his territory for the sake of other competitors. Or maybe he was warning the motorist to keep a wider distance from a herd of some-thousand-pound animals.