WATCH: Yellowstone National Park Visitor Captures Incredible Footage of Bison Calves Playing in the Mud

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes down to it Yellowstone National Park just has sights you can’t get anywhere else, like frolicking bison calves. It is a rare sight, but one lucky parkgoer was able to get it on camera. Wild animals can teach us a lot, and they can be very entertaining. This is a little combination of both.

Among the many wonderful sights and sounds of the park, Yellowstone features plenty of bison that are now raising young calves. The spring is a great time to watch wildlife and you gotta assume Yellowstone is one of the best places to be this time of year.

Leslie Conover put these videos below on Facebook and it shows some great activity from the calves. Check it out for yourself.

“I had a great day in the park yesterday and saw many bears that are always a cherished experience,” but the highlight had to be these little bison calves playing in this ‘dirt play pen’,” Conover said in the post. “Sheer joy to watch the innocence and carefree pay for these newbies. (I apologize about the quality, it was around 9pm and the light was fading…).”

These bison calves remind me of the baby goats on my farm. (More on the way in a week or so). These animals are so funny and new to everything. They play, butt heads, and roll around in the dirt. I could watch these videos for hours. Put up a live stream of 24/7 bison calves at Yellowstone and I bet a lot of folks would tune in.

Tell me, Outsiders, isn’t this the content you love to see? Yellowstone is full of bison.

Yellowstone Bison and Calves Run Around Wolves on the Hunt

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was footage of some bison and some calves out in Yellowstone National Park. The footage showed a wild scene, something out of National Geographic, but right there for their entire car to see. Oh, and the entire internet.

This involved a wolf chase. A wolf was in hot pursuit of a baby pronghorn. The animals are beautiful with very distinctive white markings on their rump, underside of their torso, and head and neck area. In the videos, the wolf attempts to separate the mom and baby from each other.

During the video, Bison and their calves got involved a bit. The calves indirectly. However, the adult bison attempted to interfere and make sure that the baby pronghorn made it to safety. After a while, the wolf gave up, and the baby made it another day living in the wild that is Yellowstone National Park.