WATCH: Yellowstone River Flooding Sweeps Away Entire Bridge at Yellowstone National Park

by Amy Myers

While the flooding continues in Yellowstone National Park, more videos are surfacing that demonstrate the sheer force and damage of the water.

Among the recent videos gaining traction online is one from bystander Ryan Schrope. The witness captured a bridge collapse with the power of the raging river below. Following the incident, he posted an incredible and terrifying video on his Instagram, which quickly caught a lot of attention.

“The Yellowstone River surged over 51,000 CFS this morning, and took the bridge and everything else with it,” the videographer shared.

In the clip, Schrope stood on the roadside beside a metal bridge next to the river. Already, the water was cascading over the top of the bridge and had broken up dozens of tree limbs. This made the road look like a beaver dam. Then, just as the camera turns to another bystander, the bridge buckles and surrenders to the power of the river. In a matter of seconds, it crashed into the muddy water in one piece.

Take a look at the video below, but just be aware that there is adult language.

Officials Close Down Yellowstone National Park for Unknown Amount of Time

Prior to the bridge collapse video, Yellowstone National Park released an update. In it, officials stated visitor entrance to the park would be unavailable until further notice. According to superintendent Cam Sholly, officials need to assess how much damage there is and to what extent.

So far, we’ve seen roads disintegrate, bridges fall and trees tumble. And that’s only a fraction of the wreckage the flooding and rainfall have caused.

“Due to record flooding events in the park and more precipitation in the forecast, we have made the decision to close Yellowstone to all inbound visitation,” said Sholly. “Our first priority has been to evacuate the northern section of the park where we have multiple road and bridge failures, mudslides and other issues.”

And the park’s natural resources aren’t the only victims of the floods.

“The community of Gardiner is currently isolated, and we are working with the county and State of Montana to provide necessary support to residents, who are currently without water and power in some areas,” Sholly stated.

As conditions worsened, Yellowstone officials worked quickly to remove visitors from the southern loop of the park.

Check out more videos and photos from the flood at Yellowstone National Park here.

“We will not know timing of the park’s reopening until flood waters subside and we’re able to assess the damage throughout the park. It is likely that the northern loop will be closed for a substantial amount of time,” Sholly concluded.