West Virginians Across Party Lines Show Huge Support for National Parks Funding in New Survey

by Megan Molseed

It seems as if there are very few issues that receive bipartisan support these days. However, one recent budget proposal is sparking support from both sides of the aisle in West Virginia. The National Parks Association has released new data detailing how West Virginians are overwhelmingly in support of Congressional representatives who back policies designed to protect our country’s national parks. The data also reveals West Virginia voters support funding for climate change and conservation programs.

Key Points

  • West Virginia voters are showing bipartisan support for proposed funding increases for National Park Services.
  • New survey information details how West Virginia residents overwhelmingly support their congressional representatives supporting funding legislation.
  • The recently released data states that West Virginia residents are also in support of further conservation and climate change programs.
  • Overall, the newly released data notes that West Virginians are prioritizing programs focused on protecting water quality, wildlife, and cleaner air programs.

New Data Shows That National Park Funding Proposals Are A Unifying Issue For West Virginians

The National Parks Conservation Association (NCPA) recently commissioned a statewide survey. This poll focuses on West Virginian’s thoughts regarding the national parks systems and climate change. The survey further measures West Virginian’s thoughts on their elected officials; and how satisfied they are with their representatives handling of these programs.

The data reveals that, regardless of political stance, the majority of West Virginian’s support programs focused on strengthening and protecting the country’s national parks. According to the survey, an overwhelming 85% of voters in West Virginia believe the state’s national parks are vital to the overall economy.

Another recent NPCA poll finds that much of the country show similar support for bills; proposing programs aimed to reduce climate change impact within the national park systems. The poll shows that this support remains constant, even across party lines.

The Support For National Park Services Is Apparent Across Party Lines

The NPCA survey says that 84% of West Virginian Republican and Independent voters believe that the National Park Services are beneficial to the economy. Additionally, 88% of West Virginian Democrats show similar support.

“This new data shows that despite political differences, our parks and outdoor spaces have the power to bring us together,” notes Samantha Nygaard. Nygaard serves as the West Virginia Program Manager for The National Parks Conservation Association in a recent statement.

“Visitors to our great Mountain State know it too,” she continues. “Contributing millions to our booming tourism economy, supporting numerous local businesses.”

Nygaard continues to note that West Virginians are proud of the state’s record in supporting such programs. And now, the NPCA manager notes, state representatives have an opportunity to do even more.

“We are grateful to members of the West Virginia delegation who have taken a stand for our parks in Congress many times,” Nygaard says.

“Now, we are urging Congress to push for additional federal legislation that will fund our national parks,” she adds.

“Protect our communities and natural resources from climate change,” Nygaard continues. “And give West Virginians good jobs conserving our outdoor wonders.”