Yellowstone National Park Bison Has Impeccable Timing, Strolls Past Old Faithful as it Erupts: WATCH

by Jon D. B.

What do you get when you capture a bison and Old Faithful in the same frame? The ultimate Yellowstone National Park memento.

Millions of visitors watch Old Faithful erupt every year. The most photographed spot in Yellowstone (YELL), this famous geyser is synonymous with the park. From classic park posters to patches and social media, the resulting images of Old Faithful can be found everywhere. But how often does a genuine photograph (or video) manage to capture both Yellowstone’s most famous feature and its most famous animal in one shot?

That’s exactly what photographer Chris Fabregas managed this week. Posting to his Instagram following, the digital creator shows off his incredible video:

“Yellowstone Park and the geysers are an incredible thing to see, the wonders of nature are amazing! Especially when this bison walked by exactly when Old Faithful erupted!” Fabregas captions.

Within, a lone bison bull casually strolls by as Old Faithful gives a full eruption. Yellowstone’s iconic bright blue sky provides the backdrop, creating a picture-perfect YELL capture if there ever was one.

Old Faithful + Bison = Ultimate Yellowstone National Park Capture

Besides their beauty, both natural wonders also require our immense respect. When Old Faithful erupts every 35 to 120 minutes, the water she spews is a scalding  244°F (117°C). The stream can shoot as far as 180 feet into the air, which means getting any closer than the park’s boardwalks allow is simply a terrible idea.

Major, major kudos to Chris for showing his footing on the boardwalk as the first part of his video. It’s not only dangerous to step off Yellowstone boardwalks, but it’s also against the park’s regulations and legal guidelines.

As for her name, Old Faithful was christened by Western culture in 1870 for her regularity. The massive geyser once erupted 20 times a day. In the last few decades, however, her average time between eruptions has lengthened, causing around 17 eruptions a day.

And then there’s the wondrous bison of Yellowstone National Park. Approaching these massive mammals is as dangerous as strolling up to a mammoth geyser filled with boiling water. So far this year, the park has documented three bison goring incidents resulting in hospitalization. Even more occur off the books.

Bison are not overtly aggressive and looking to take down humans. But they are wildlife; wild animals with an emphasis on the wild. Bison can weigh a full ton, run as fast as a horse, and are never to be treated as anything other than that. Wild.

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