Yellowstone National Park Visitor Freaks Out as Bison Herd Marches Toward His Car During Historic Flood: VIDEO

by Jon D. B.

What do you do when an entire herd of Yellowstone National Park bison are marching away from historic flooding… And directly towards your car?

It’s the exact scenario this intense footage shows. The national park’s catastrophic flooding to thousands of visitors – and the entire nation – by surprise. Few were able to film as the natural disaster took hold, however. But at least one soul was able to.

YouTube user and Michigan native KahleTFD has uploaded a personal video showing, as they describe, “Bison walking over the road when the floods were making national news at Yellowstone National Park.”

Within, the driver has a moment of panic as a full herd of bison come directly for his vehicle. “Oh Jesus Christ, what do I do?” he asks as the megafauna march over the horizon. “They’re all coming right at me! Oh, sh*t,” he exclaims, followed by several more NSFW expletives. And rightfully so:

Bison walking over the road when the floods were making national news at Yellowstone National Park.


“What the f***! What do I do!? Please don’t run into my car,” he screams as he backs his vehicle up. But it’s no use, the bison have surrounded the car and are on the move.

“Alright, I’m just going to stay here. You guys are going to be chill, right?” KahleTFD narrates of the herd. “We’re not gonna hit yah. We’ll just walk around yah,” he continues with a huge sigh.

Just then, a large bull rears up as if to ram his vehicle out of the way. But thankfully, the bison chooses to keep moving down the path of least resistance instead.

Yellowstone National Park Footage Offers Rare Glimpse of Bison During Flooding

For over a minute, the herd – hundreds strong and including baby “red dog” calves – struts down the road and away from flooding.

“Oh my God they smell… So bad,” KahleTFD offers as the wet giants move along in the rain. It’s unclear if his windows are down, as the footage is oddly shot horizontally, yet uploaded to YouTube vertically. Regardless, this wildlife tech can attest to the immense stench of wet bison. Or “buffalo,” as KahleTFD incorrectly refers to them (an outdated moniker).

KahleTFD doesn’t detail the area of the park he was in during the flooding. But by the scenery and event, this is likely the park’s North Loop. The northern areas of Yellowstone National Park saw the majority of flood damage where the Yellowstone River flows from Montana down into Wyoming. There, catastrophic flooding swept away entire roads, destroyed park infrastructure, and changed the course of the mighty river itself.

Yellowstone flood event 2022: Northeast Entrance Road washouts (Photo: NPS / Jacob W. Frank)

Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly spoke to media at length, including Outsider, about the fallout of this historic flood.

“These aren’t my words, but I have heard this is a ‘thousand-year event,’ whatever that means these days, as they seem to be happening more and more frequently,” Sholly offered. “We have a considerable amount of rockslides, mudslides, and trees down, and a substantial amount of debris. In some sections, the roads have been completely washed away,” he painted of the park’s condition.

Currently, Great Smoky Mountains is the latest national park to suffer from the increase in “thousand-year events,” as Sholly cites, as the park partially closed for flood damage.