Yosemite National Park on the Hunt for Spray Paint Vandals

by Amy Myers

Earlier this week, Yosemite National Park urged the public to help officials identify the individual(s) responsible for spray painting 30 sites along the Yosemite Falls Trail. According to the park, the incident originally occurred on May 20, 2022, in the evening. At the time, rangers received multiple reports of vandalism along the well-trafficked trail. In response, they set up a trail block and created a list of potential offenders.

Now, the park is hoping that any tips from visitors will help them narrow down the possibilities and stop the perpetrator from causing future damage.

On Instagram, Yosemite National Park included a photo of the tag. Along several boulders, “Fresno” is written in blue and white spray paint.

“We are asking for your assistance to identify those responsible for recent vandalism on the trail to the top of Yosemite Falls,” the park encouraged.

On May 21, park rangers went up to assess the damage and found just how many sites the vandal left behind.

“The smallest being approximately one foot by one foot, but most being about three feet by three feet, and a few being larger than eight feet by eight feet,” Yosemite National Park added.

In the meantime, the park gave instructions to anyone with tips or information regarding the incident.

“If you were on the trail to the top of Yosemite Falls between 6 pm and 11 pm on May 20, 2022, and saw individuals carrying cans of spray paint, engaging in tagging, or have video or photographic evidence, please let us know by visiting go.nps.gov/SubmitATip,” the park said. “You can also email [email protected] or call or text 888-653-0009.”

Yosemite National Parkgoers Express Disappointment and Anger with Recent Vandalism

Not surprisingly, Yosemite National Park visitors and fanatics are just as upset about the incident as park staff. In the comments on the park’s post, nature lovers gathered to lament and discuss their reactions to the vandalism.

Several social sleuths have done a little digging online to see if they can find the tagger through similar artwork. Soon, they found quite a few instances from the same artist. They even tagged the Fresno Police Department so that they would see the tip.

Meanwhile, others expressed their frustration with the artist responsible. All the while, they wondered why they would choose to deface such a beloved and wild spot.

“We just spent a few days in the park enjoying its natural beauty and wonders. This infuriates me,” one Yosemite National Park visitor shared.

“I hope they receive the fullest possible punishment,” another added.

As for that punishment, one commenter suggested, “Catch ‘em and make them hike up and down with equipment to clean it.”