Pennsylvania Duck Hunting Expedition Leads to Water Rescue

by Madison Miller

A rescue took place in Codorus Creek in Pennsylvania.

Two hunters found themselves in a tricky situation while going to retrieve a duck they had killed.

The two men went into a creek in order to bag up the kill. When they waded into the water to retrieve it, their hip waders filled with water. This left the two men in their 70s unable to move.

They stood trapped in the creek as they yelled for help. They were just north of town near several roads.

A bicyclist off Blackbridge Road passed by and heard the two men screaming for help. He called 911 and emergency services came to help the men out of the water. Firefighters used a ladder to pull the men to safety.

The two men were taken in an ambulance for evaluation at the nearby hospital.

It was early in the morning in the middle of the winter. It is unclear how long they were in the water. However, the possibility of hypothermia is very real.

Duck Hunting Season

The later season ducks can be some of the hardest ducks to shoot and kill. However, this hunting season continues to be a popular event for many hunters.

The first step is always to have a hunting license, state duck stamp, and federal duck stamp.

The four waterfowl flyways in North America are Pacific, Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic. There are always daily bag limits in place and possession limits. Possession limits are usually three times the daily bag limit.

Right now is the regular big duck season, which includes puddlers, divers, and sea ducks. This lasts from September to March. As colder weather comes, the kind of ducks will shift. Now, the popular ducks are mallards, black ducks, and gadwall.

In February, hunters will be able to attach more magazine tubes to their shotguns and shoot an unlimited number of birds. Although they must still follow tagging and possession rules.

H/T: York Daily Record, Outdoor Life