Pennsylvania Hunter Nails Shot on Deer Only for Bears to Make it Their Lunch

by Jon D. B.

WATCH: Five black bears toss this woman’s first ever deer kill around “like a rag doll,” and the hunter still cannot believe she manage to capture it all on video.

“They threw my deer around like a rag doll. They ripped the tail off and cubs played catch with it. This is definitely one hell of a story, and I’m glad I got it on video or else no one would believe me.”

So says Pennsylvania hunter Jordan Zabinski amidst her video taking fellow hunters by storm online. Her thoughts at the time?

“I was terrified.”

It’s one thing to harvest your first-ever deer as a hunter. It’s another to watch enormous black bears charge in and completely demolish your kill. Yet that’s exactly what happened on Sunday, November 28 when Jordan and her husband, Mark Zabinski, went out for a snow-laden hunt.

Trekking about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh to the La Jose area, Jordan managed to make her first deer harvest in no time. Mark was on his way to pick it up with their truck when the unbelievable happened.

“Twenty minutes after I shot the deer, four bears come out,” she writes in her Facebook description. What follows has to be seen to be believed, Outsiders:

By the end of the encounter, Jordan managed to record two full videos of the bears feasting on the deer. She did so from her stand, too; choosing (smartly) to stay in place and let nature take its course.

After inspecting her footage multiple times, Jordan believes at least five bears to be present. Two of which were cubs, which would join in on the meal.

Hunter’s First Kill Goes Straight Back to Nature, Outsiders Applaud Her Handling

Thankfully, these hungry American black bears did not seem to take note of Jordan’s presence. They were not, however, in any hurry to leave. That is, until husband Mark showed up to begin scaring them off with yelling and commotion.

“The bear only got the tail off by the time he got to me!” Jordan adds. “It’s my first year hunting, so seeing 4 black bear at once… I was a little too nervous to even move.”

She made the right call for any time of year, but doubly so for late November. North American bears are in hyperphagia as fall rolls into winter. This means they’ve entered a state of hyper-feeding to prepare for hibernation. And there’s no rule that keeps us humans off the menu.

In light of her calm & collected handling during filming, many fellow Outsiders are praising Jordan online.

“Now that’s something to experience. Sorry about your deer Jordan, but you don’t see this every day,” writes PA Trophy Takers, a popular Facebook hunting group. Within, Jordan’s footage has been viewed over 50,000 times as of this article.

“That experience is worth more than any deer. Once in a lifetime,” replies George Sweitzer Jr. to the encounter.

If there’s a downside, it’s that any future hunts for Jordan and Mark Zabinski will be significantly less exciting.