Pennsylvania Hunter Takes Down Monster Bull Elk, 455-Inch Size Likely to Be New State Record

by Megan Molseed

When Duane Kramer of Bellingham Washington set his sights on winning a unique hunting opportunity, he did everything in his power to make sure it didn’t slip away. The avid hunter took part in a raffle, purchasing as many tickets as he could. All in the hopes of winning an opportunity from the Keystone Elk Country Alliance. The opportunity? To have the chance to hunt one of Pennsylvania’s best big-game opportunities…a monster bull elk.

Duane Kramer has described himself as a person who is either working or hunting. He runs his own business, Kramer Concrete Construction. So, when the business owner heard the news that his name was drawn in the Keystone Elk County Alliance’s raffle, the first thing he had to do was find a time when he would be free to begin the once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

And, Kramer knew exactly what he was looking for. Especially after speaking to some local outfitters and getting information on some of the Bull Elk that populated the area.

“There were enough 400-class bulls running around there that it wasn’t a question of getting a 400-inch bull,” Duane Kramer said of his hunt. “But a matter of how far over 400 we could get.”

At one point, Kramer even passed up the opportunity to score some bull elks that experts guiding Kramer guessed to be around the 420 range. Kramer had his mindset on something much bigger. He just had to find it first.

The Bull Elk He Was Looking For

When Kramer first caught sight of the bull moose he would eventually grab, he found himself to be within just eighteen yards of the magnificent creature. However, the hunter notes, the shot wasn’t going to happen at that moment. The bull elk was accompanied by some of its young cows.

“I thought he was going to come right for us because we were standing right in the game trail,” Kramer explained. “I kind of wish I had taken my bow.”

While the hunter didn’t nab the bull elk that day, he knew this was the one for him. Kramer and his guides continued to follow the animal for a few days. Until finally, they found themselves within just seventy yards of the magnificent bull elk. After checking the area, Kramer determined the bull elk was in a clear shooting range. The hunter made the shot.

Duane Kramers elk bull is certainly quite impressive. Some experts believe that it may actually shatter some state records. However, whether or not Kramer’s bull is a record-breaker is still being determined.

And, according to reports, it could be close to a full year before Kramer, and the rest of us, find out for sure.

Judges will measure Kramer’s elk one final time during the Boone and Crockett’s Club 31st Big Game Awards which are scheduled to be held in July 2022.